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Was repeatedly saying thank you Jesus. The FBI has joined the investigation whilst Angeles and the state of California topped the list when it comes to the worst air quality. Here's correspondent Jim Rupe? Your rain continues California is once again, the smog is state at Los Angeles, the smog est city this according to the American lung association's state of the air report, which includes two thousand fifteenth two thousand seventeen in fact, California is home to seven of the ten smoggy is to cities it seems the thing that makes people want to be here is the cause warm sunny weather, it's when smug forms made worse from vehicle exhaust. Factories. This inspite of the strictest environmental laws in the nation. Population growth is making those laws ineffective. Jim Roope, Los Angeles. Facebook is taking a three billion dollar charge as a contingency against a possible fine by the Federal Trade Commission, the agencies investigating whether Facebook violated an agreement to protect user privacy. But has not announced any findings yet. The one time charge slashes Facebook's first quarter net income considerably although revenue grew by twenty five percent in the period. A Bank raid survey reveals half of American parents with adult children are supporting they're grown kids. And that's raising concerns about having adequate retirement savings Bank rate. Analysts Kellyanne Smith says more parents are being asked to assist with paying off college loans. Millennials are dealing with graduate degrees. And he HD they're getting more popular and the cost of higher education is increasing rapidly. So people are not immediately joining the workforce. But when they do they are saddled with.

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