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Second leg of the Jewel of amateur golf in Austin going on right now. Also, we're going to crown an Olympic champion tonight, Scotty, which I'm excited about. I've been watching and watched until about 1 45. Last night. So it's fun times doing that. And also the U. S. Women's Senior Open is going on in Connecticut and some of the great great women of golf, including some some local talent playing this afternoon. What's going on with the men City Championship right now? Well, they played it, Jimmy Clay Today they started ATM uni, and then they went to Grey Rock. And then they are Jimmy Clay today, just finishing up Dillon. Davis has lead at nine under par, and Jack Sarah Selma, who has been on the show many times when the fire character and he won the men's City championship. I think the same year as he won the firecracker a couple years ago, he's six under par and three back. Pallor. Gamel is 500, a friend gave a Ho hadn't hadn't hadn't had a whole lot of chance to play golf. He teaches golf and lions a lot with the kids and gives individual lessons that gave made a hole in one yesterday on number 12 at Grey Rock. And had the lead going into today, but he had a had a triple bogey on the last told that stuff which is tough, but our friend Alex Alice, his head 14 birdies and an eagle. He's tied for seventh place now, Alex. We know that he's won a lot of city events. He's seven back so, but he's only got six guys ahead of him. So I think he's got a chance tomorrow, But I think any further back than that problematical a little bit there. Morris Williams tomorrow Well, they're going to hand out a gold medal tonight in golf in Tokyo and right now in American tops the leaderboard Xander softly, who had usually pick for every major They win a gold medal He's at minus 14. He's got a one shot lead over Japan's hero had a key Matsuyama two shots behind Paul Casey of England. And Carlos Ortiz of Mexico. Sebastian Mu nose is at minus 11. He's from Colombia. Rory McIlroy, Ori is that minus 11 Mitchell Pereira of Chile. Is at minus 11 and our old buddy Tommy Fleet. What is it? Minus 10. So those those guys that list I believe Scotty will have a chance. Maybe somebody in the ninth kid could sneak him now we told you about Xander, the rest of the Americans Colin Morikawa. Tied for 17th at minus seven. It would take a big, low number low number for Colin to win the gold medal. Patrick Reed. Is also tied for is tied for 38 piece at minus four. Justin Thomas also tied for 38 at minus four. Johnny Vegas two former Longhorn is it minus seven from he's playing under the Venezuelan flag, but It's been interesting and been fun to see the guys who played college golf in the United States, especially guys like Carlos Ortiz and Sebastian Yunos from Mexico and Colombia, who both played at North Texas. You have Mito Ferreria from Texas Tech, who played playing for Chile. And, of course, our friend Alex Noren from Sweden, who played in Oklahoma State so fun to see those guys but It starts tonight around 7 30 our time on the golf channel, But I can't wait and I sure hope Xander's soft light gets the gold medal this after this evening, but we're going to be blessed by the The great inside of Geoff Shackelford for the rest of the show they Jeff is always so interesting, and he's got some thoughts on the Olympics and how to make Olympic golf better. One thing you've got to think about if Matsuyama was playing in front of big crowds in Japan. I think he would have been feeding off of it even more. And probably, you know, had a couple more shots in his pocket going into the last round. Scotty, I think you're exactly right because there's no fans there and it's really weird tons of protocol. Some of our American team are staying in the village. I guess some are staying in the village. The Olympic Village. Others are staying at hotels in the area. It's just a different feel the different vibe much like it was during the pandemic. When nobody could go to the golf course, is it's It's somewhat flat because you see a Unbelievable shot, and there's nobody clapping. Yeah, it's just It's just a very, very different vibe. I've enjoyed it and it's fun to see Rory McIlroy. Without a hat. He's playing hat. Listen, I told you earlier. I tell everybody. He's not wearing a hat this week because Nike makes him special hatch because he's got a small head, and he said Nike wasn't making the hatch for the team so he can't find a hat to fit his head. So he's going hat this week, and you can't wear a logo in the Olympics. You can't wear a company logo and the Olympics. Right. Well, it seems unless it's the officially sanctioned logo because it seems to me I saw Paul Casey wearing Adidas shirt yesterday with the with the but it had the British deal. Yeah. The British steel British logo. How about the women's senior U. S. Open Because, look, it's being played on 6000 Yard course, and when the USDA was here doing a little feature online's municipal a couple of years ago They Said. If you get lines in the Renovated shape. Yes, back or Crenshaw will consider having a U. S women Senior Open there in a 62 or 6300 yard. Communi would be a perfect venue. How fantastic. Would that be? Yeah, they're playing the 6000 yard. Brooke Long Country Club in Fairfield, Connecticut. It's an A W telling House golf course. And of course they'll be telling houses is the link with our course lines Municipal for some renovation to He did three hills there, 1936. He stopped by immunity and he visited and he did a little adjustment. On the original layout and actually added that whole water feature that you see on the Hogan hole and and back over on the fifth hole, and it runs through the golf course. And on number 17. Now that was a Tillinghast innovation, and so he had a hand in immune es did Tom Penick, who is a longtime pro Harvey's brother. People don't know. Harvest weather was a pro at me was for a long time. But anyway, that would that would be great to have a women's senior. Well, this is a beautiful old golf course. Brooklyn Country Club and Fairfield, Connecticut. And right now play for Round three is over, and Annika Sorenstam A lady that we've had the privilege of meeting and interviewing before is the leader at minus eight. She's from Sweden, Of course, lives in the U. S right behind her is Lisa Newman. It was all from Sweden. She's at minus six and Katrina Matthew from North Barrack, where we were a couple years ago, is four shots off the pace. Laura Davies Had one of the low rounds of the day She shot 68. She is six strokes off the pace and Austin is represented beautifully in this tournament, as as our friend Lisa DePaulo, a woman that we played a lot of golf with is currently tied for 18th. And she's got bad knee and she admits she's got a bad knee. This is a hilly golf course. But Lisa shot a one under par 71 today. She's at plus five and we tip our hat to our friend Lisa DePaulo. Also our friend, Cindy Figg Courier, Uh, was there did not did not make the cut. But Very proud of Cindy, who was wearing her save money hat. Is that right? Well, good for her and everything with the U. S. G. A. When her picture comes up, she's wearing the same universe. He's been a big supporter for a long time and played a lot of golf out there. We're going to take a break I met plummets along with Scotty series. This is the 15th Club and were broadcast casting live from the beautiful Omni Barton Creek Resort. Here in Austin, overlooking the number 18 fairway in 18 green of the Fazio course. Still time to come out, enjoy drinks and food and.

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