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But i would say six years out of eight. We had very consistent rainfall. that is gone. I remember this quote from jerry. Brunetti he used to say that We don't have a climate anymore. We just have bakeries of the weather and that's come about. We don't recognize this because many of us aren't meteorologists and don't connect all the dots but this is really come about as a result of a dysfunctional carbon cycle. Yes so when we restore so carbon. We also restore the rainfall cycle as well. Now i agree. Yeah i tell people when they ask me to. Who are not familiar with kansas. What's the weather like. Engaging air watch the climate likened. Kansas say it's a desert. Were it floods a lot while you know. And that's true. We like you said we used to have gentle rains in spring and fall and then thunderstorms in the summer and it used to snow in the winter. Now arly ever snows in the winter. We get thunderstorms punctuated by long periods without rain. You know intense thunderstorms long periods of rain. It seems like an old time farmers so i. I don't think the climate is changing but the weather sure is getting funny. We seem to be making you know. I don't believe in climate change. This weather here is getting funny. Yup and i think that's true. We do seem to be seeing more intense rainfall with less frequency at. Don't think many people would argue that. I haven't found anyone that would yet at this point and in fact even if they would desire to argue that. The data indicates differently as jerry. Hatfield has elegantly pointed out so in addition to the experiences on your own farm. You've also had the privilege of working with lots of different growers in many different types of environments and ecosystems implementing cover crops. What are some of the memorable. Moments are remarkable experiences..

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