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The only show that matters. I'm your host gorgeous George with me as always is the devious and dastardly goes are as co host to my left by analyst. Dan, Tom back east producing as always Danny auto, what's up guys yesterday we are trying to figure out we knew that we would all have Mike rest, but we wanted to figure out if you would remember the in show because I couldn't remember the pre show intro, but you switched it up on us and you did something else, but today he did it needed it right. I figured I'd just stumble out of the gate and start talking because I knew I probably would've butchered exam. What's the difference between yesterday and today? I think he would hit it. I guess you're right. There isn't a difference. I have no answer. I think when I go to California, I'm just I think in another mode, like I haven't thought of MMA as much. We also picked weeks were there wasn't much going on. So did you notice a lot of them may world was on vacation thing? Yeah. Yeah, it's kind of funny. Yeah, just on junkies alone. A lot of people on occasion, us three. And then of course, Simon, who's back today Kevin, Matt still is on vacation, is I only on vacation? Why didn't you come back today? I wanna say Brett was on vacation to you. Komodo. John could use a vacation, probably. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You had a rough run. All right. But it's Tuesday, August twenty first back at it and we have since there isn't noise I think I think the heavy lifting is done. We will have three guests today. We'll talk to great Maynard in the first hour. The former UC title contender at one hundred and fifty five pounds. We'll be fighting. He's returning back two hundred fifty. Five pounds as last couple had been at forty, five fights coming up. So we'll talk to him about that. And then we also have David Greco from busted open. We're actually going to finish the show. Dave look wreck the Gregory. He's the host of busted open along with Mark Henry and bully Ray. They talk pro wrestling over there, and I think there's becoming more of a crossover. You know, we're, we're talking a little bit more because of Rhonda Rowzee headed that way and Chena baiser. The other women that participated in may competed EMMY for years, call those a four horse. Women kind of still get on my tip a little, but whatever that's them and maybe it'll work out for them over there. You know, the control, the outcomes, but it never may have thought it was a crash and burn, and then rock. Now come back this way. You know, at some point, I guess in the next five months now. So, yeah, we'll talk to the Greco an Chris Lytle. He's doing some bare knuckle stuff. He's retired from mixed martial arts, but he's doing the brand knuckle brawling Bernardo fighting and we'll talk to him a little bit. You know, he's he was always proud of his boxing skills. So that's probably right down as Allie. He's got one of the best laughs and m. e. role in time we did a show from Mandalay bay, but in the hotel room and we had them in there and he wouldn't stop laughing and they made us laugh. Me intrigue, you couldn't. We were all often for no reason..

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