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Yeah so i think one of the best things to do is to do what works for you you know because when you're having a panic attack what works for one person is going to actually make another person anxious definitely so a lot of people say oh well i know that shoeing on ice is the thing that like helps me to like interrupt the panic attack okay great so join ice what are some examples of things people do so it may or may not work for anyone die for matic breathing i think is a really good one so when you're nervous system you know really what a panic attack is is really a surge of stress hormones and it's it's the it's the sympathetic nervous system taking over and just surging way too fast so when that happens the sympathetic nervous system because it's thinking it's preparing you to run away for entire it's thinking that needs more oxygen so you breathing's going to get way too fast so instead of the becoming inhalation dominant you want to shift your brain to become explanation dominant so really simple way to do that and this is great even people who don't have panic attacks is to make your ex hail twice as long as you're inhale so i recommend three six breath so just inhale to the kind of three let's do one two three xl one two three four five six you see how out so it feels so foreign right because we're used to like right but that out breath and you can it doesn't have to be exact to my count but just make the x hell twice as long because that is going to it's going to trick your brain into thinking that the danger has passed and you're okay.

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