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And then she spent about a minute and a half talking about how he got jacking off on a skype call at his other job and wasn't welcome back or get fired from that job and it was i. I love seeing somebody. Just get publicly. Shamed for jacking off. Yup with jeffrey toobin. I need like a disclaimer on my screen. At all times when he's presenting any sort of legal advice he should he should wear a scarlet letter. But it's like the eggplant emoji on his chest or at the very least give me like a yellow box. Like they show on a score bug for flags. When jeremy toobin shows up can be yellow box pops up like this guy. Jack saw it should be The jackass warning. This man has been has jacked off in front of a camera warning. This guy your base. Yes yes so. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him on the tv. He's just i if you were him. He's probably what like sixty. What do you think sixty five sixty one years old respect respect. First of all to jeffrey toobin for continuing to have a healthy sex life with his hand when you're sixty one. I've just always assumed that when you hit fifty. You shouldn't jack off anymore like that's become honestly age of gentleman that you can't be jacking off anymore. I wish that he had just 'cause you know the the cnn thing. I watched as well. It was so awkward. And he's like. I hope i can regain your trust and and of course like jerking off front of your colleagues. Whether he says he doesn't know he was on camera. Whatever like very bad but he should have been like. Hey guys listen. I'm a guy a jerk off it. You know what you should trust me more. Because i'm just a regular guy who jerks off and guess what. This is my pledge to you. I will not do it in front of anymore cameras. They should do. A segment called jacket with jeffrey every week where he talks about some instagram. Thought into it into it. You have to own at this point. Yeah dude guess what. You're to get bogged once or twice. That's the day and age that we live in but yeah just become the jack off guy. Yeah we should put this in the notes jake. Let's try to book him and let's try to jerk off in front of him. Yeah just definitely get a zoom call going with tube and would you like to Whenever you surprise us below the automatic on zoom call with jefferson interview them. And then we'll just right in the middle of it will be. We'll say that we thought the cameras were off. We'll just start trying to give ourselves head. I would like to exit interview with jeffrey toobin nor still do it like during football season four feels like a week before or after all right second. We go august. Yeah all right. Alpha wait wins wins national masturbation day right after perino day national masturbation seventh base. Just missed it damn it all right so next year may seventh put it on Told those who celebrate my bag. I though so we can get a little bit. Yeah my whose back is. The cubs are back There i know statistics behind the hottest team in baseball and also wrigley is packed and also anthony. Rizzo was under fire on friday. Because he didn't get vaccine vaccinated but then he had like one of those sixteen pitch at bats where he hit a home run. Which is the coolest thing you can do in a baseball game. So pretty much all's forgiven and nobody's going to bring up the vaccination stuff after an event like that know exactly like he was i wa- watching live. It was what it is one of the coolest things to do when you're watching a baseball game and a guy keeps falling off every single pitch and you get to like twelve. Thirteen fourteen pitches. And you just know like he's gonna do some sweet because he just you can just feel it. In the in the crowd rises in everyone gets into it and then boom homerun so yeah everything else. He said earlier that day. Who cares I got offered a trade in my fantasy. Baseball league cement express anti row was on. I declined it vaccine. I don't want him in eighty five percent threshold. I don't want to have him getting my other players sick. Yeah eighty five percents rush. Yup i want to keep it like that. So you guys can enjoy life. Stay loose a little bit sick homerun. Though it was it was very very sick. Run Nothing better than like any at bat. That goes above ten pitches that ends in a hit you forget about homerun that ends in a hit. It feels like you've you've just watched the greatest movie of all time and you can also say you sound like you're a true baseball analyst. That was a professional pat. Yeah that was a professional at that all the kids at home. It's just great seeing the crowds back. Like we've done this before the fans i would we say By thanksgiving you have to stop saying have fans back. Yeah you gotta have at least one home game in every major sport at all the iconic destiny. Okay yeah so that was this weekend. Who was cubs cardinals. It was beautiful friday afternoon game like beautiful weather and everyone's having a great time in the bleachers. The best oh it just occurred to me with the sons guy. They were talking about earlier. Yeah do you think that the sons are team destiny. We talked about the gorilla. I think so for harambee. Yeah i think so. Until chris paul gets hurt because that's to happen through Bower sunspot cast seriously. Just another pat on the back for us to go for to switch from a regular season nuggets. Podcasts we we put a fucking mvp and our trophy case and then we switched the team that get swept by everything we touch turns to gold on this show all time move. Water dogs are on fire. Yeah water dogs can't stop. Winning literally cannot Jake your who's back Simone biles. She won the us gymnastics championships seventh round national title good reminder that coming up the olympics. Us is good at very niche sports. Yes the there was a clip of simone biles Super slow motion. And it blew my fucking mind. Yeah like the sh- itchy fleischer is in saint. She's doing the byles he actually doing. The was a minister. She does put me in super slow mo like five. Just i be done. There's like five different moves that she does in the air. I would forget what i was doing next. I would just like to flips a twist another flip and other twists. I break every single ball. You know what i would do. I went on one of those fucking bouncy. Matt's the minute. I tried to lift off my ankles. Were just shatter your body with your soul. Reject would i also do. Is that unlike this and one point for that. That's true if you do this you get sick. At's right well. Yeah you know what your name down and get your points if you like this. It's not just that you have to salute the judges. The judges back. You have to look at the judges present yourself to them. Yes yeah. If you've got like compound fracture in both legs. You're looking like lieutenant. Dan won't be hard. You hit the floor in you. Just like look at them and go like that. I mean that's better than some olympians have done won't be hard to have my ankles be touching because the bones will be just sticking out both touching that way. You've got the scooter. And i'm just get your that was majeste All right. Let's get to our interview with bobby valentine. We got some segments coming up after before we get our interview. Pfc had a quick word from our sponsor. Yes i'm very excited about this. So we've talked a little bit about the show. Dave on this podcast actually watched the entire season. One soga. it's coming back. It's coming back and today's episode of part of my take is brought to you by that. All new season of the.

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