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Aubert head one return for minus five yards aches you can't ask for any more out of butter well puttering punk scene yeah exactly yeah hire to becoming a head coach given to shits about specialties he didn't know anything about it he even once I remember one time grabbing the hallway was like hey at some point I'd like you to kind of I can tell you this we punt we kick we returned but but what that small conversation and and what I honestly what I watched after he gets it he understands football he knows they need to be dominant on special teams and knows that was a huge part of why Serb Myra was successful and so he bought in he and he's brilliant urban always been a special teams Guy Yeah and Dan Mullen is brilliant so he dove he dove into it at Mississippi State and became an expert eventually and so they are they're killing special teams so that that's a huge advantage on Florida's Front for sure I don't know about you guys but for me a game is ten times more exciting when I'm putting my money on it sometimes I feel a gut feeling about a matchup and sometimes I'm just betting on my team because they're my team regardless of whether you've been betting for years or you're ready to play for the first time mybookie is your best bet this season if you're the kind of guy who likes to try to bed a little to win a lot try parlay for instance if you like a couple of the big favorites this week which you did this weekend parlays are perfect because they'd let you more ways to win between football season the playoffs and the start of the NBA NHL seasons it's time to get off the sidelines and get into action if you really want to support your.

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