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People dead as worshippers attending afternoon prayers were targeted by four groups of masked gunmen at a mosque in egypt's northern sign first they surrounded the mosque then bombed it i must could those trying to escape witnesses say the gunman eaten shaw said ambulances trying to get through the hundreds of in geneva hours after the attack egyptian military jets launched their strike some targets in mountain areas around bir alabed destroying vehicles and hideouts linked to the terrorist corresponded all sheesh josh you with our sister network sky news there's been no claim of responsibility yet but an isis affiliate is expected reports of a possible terror attack friday in london police racing till the oxford circus area tom london as if it were a terror incidents after us of gunshots police responded but later gave the allclear saying they found no evidence of a shooter nor any shots fired the numbers are still being tallied on bright black friday sales i do like the sat normally on black friday it does make it a lot more inches theme fights reported some all sent police to arrest seven people to break up protests at a ball outside saint louis missouri a glitch forced some shoppers at macy's to pay with cash and the issue was related to the processing of some credit a gift card these blames the glitch on overcapacity which caused some transactions to take longer to process the retailer says the problem is now fully resolved the department store chain can't afford.

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