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No, it was kind of it was you mentioned are thing that the infinite monkey cage, and we we have these bizarre discussions on that show. What what I meant was. So let's analyze what a ghost is. So usually it is something that looks like the the dead person. Right. So it carries some information. About the the person. Okay. So you might say, well, it's the sole or something like that the some kind of disembodied thing, which must interact with Applebee's say must interact with the mata- in our bodies. Okay. In all different carry information about abilities on diesel combat a soul than it must interact now because I'm lifting my hand up and are now so presumably if I have some internal thing that guides that some eternal bits of me possess after I die. It is able to interact with the matter in my hand. Now, the point is that we know what that Matt's is. And we know how it behaves and how interacts with extreme precision at these energies at the at room temperature, and I twenty degrees celsius what we know seventy five degrees Fahrenheit, we know for that. How how have the physics works and actually many fizzes claim? I think this is ROY we claim we can claim to know that. That physics the happens. Everyday temperatures energies, we with with extreme accuracy, we just know it. And so if you're going to postulate something some other parts of nature that we haven't yet discovered which interact with matter at the energies at which we now speaking so he shoulda than it is extremely difficult to do that without damaging precision measurements. From all political physics actually for the last the if is not even the say is just another example if high precision measurements that we make. So the point is we understand how matter behaves we look for a fifth force of nature, for example. It's one of the things that we do we see no evidence of it. We look for different interactions that matter could undergo and we see no evidence. So might my point really is to be very precise. If you want to believe in something that interact with our bodies that we've not detected. The Elliott see you have to. Read all the papers that were published the Alexi which tried to look for different interactions, and you have to make sure your theory doesn't conflict with those types. And I'm telling you is extremely difficult to do that. So it's in that technical sense that I say, I some dull that into sound soundbite. Which is Elliott daily say shows the ghost is what I really mean is the history of particle physics. We see the point you go to postulate something that the interacts with Matt's carries information about its which we don't detect in high precision experiments as a science communicator. What is the concept that you have the most trouble explaining to layman like me? The relativity will always clear relatively just in the sense, especially when you look at in the context of cosmetology. So a question that I often get asked what happened before the big bang? I say really common question. Oh, and does the universe. Have an edge. Just similar kind of question actually old Smellie's origin and time is there is space infinite what is the universe? Expanding into these questions that we get asked to low, and they are they're quite difficult to answer. Just the Bellina mini toll. So many can answer them. They said what happened for the big bang gays? We don't know we don't even notice. Okay to say. Yes, there we don't even know the wasn't origin in time that that's. So it can be the universe is turtle. Am eight some of our best theories. Actually now, the that predicts for example, the way that galaxies a distributed across the universe. Those theories require that the universe was in existence before it was hot and dense..

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