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All right well listen buddy we had a blast with you one here we're gonna have to have you back on for some more to more chatter we do actually we're bringing in and undersize forward somebody yourself that the stead in the nhl so we're guessing you quick when i won all the listeners know why p you got to barstools through hard work and and kind of nonstop attitude of getting there and still seeing she's created every week sometimes twice a week wraps up the entire happens you're on barstool boston radio everything going on and i have to tell you as much as i view that is one of my favorite things if you miss barstool during the week like if you have kids like me check stool seeing you're doing great job buddy so thanks for coming on and we'll definitely have you on again yeah i appreciate and also went out talking to some guys from scituate the other day and i was trying to get dirt on you in the all the stuff they said was like oh well used to hook up with some ugly chicks but i mean now gets all rocket he's got spoken hour our married let's go cut this i said man i i can't i can't wait for that break call a prank geico call going to get any i couldn't get any on your wit i i'm letting you on 'cause i'm alleged see you buddy fully get to sherry the city view is brought to you by ziprecruiter you hiring every business needs great people in a better way to find them something better than posting jobs online and just praying for the right people to see it ziprecruiter knew there was a smarter way so they built the platform that finds the.

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