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Are doing it to the the same numbers as it was. And really there are just that nobody's doing anymore. Nobody in these last two teams. I think do it or does it. So that'll be interesting. We talk about why did they start doing it? Why is he NFL not do anything about it? And what's the end game for the NFL? It might be an answer that you weren't expecting to make sure you stick around for that. Plus, we've got Nick Adams on. He's a guy who's written a book called class dismissed he saying, no everybody doesn't have to go to college. What are we talking about here? And I agree with him. And he's also Australia security. You think that I go with the Australian accent or no? I'm to say, yes. And fortunately, yeah, you'll have to wait and see. But. I did not because they didn't realize I was a little pressed for time. So I was going to get. Good. I. I did not get home. I thought he was kidding. With his accent. Right because he did it via Skype. And I thought I thought he was putting it on. I was like come on stop it. Really, he kidding. I really did. I thought he was kidding. Sure, he was kidding. No. From Australia who's getting. That he was making those stop it. Does call me legendary at some point. Legendary. Well, I just think he's right either way. In a way that he really doesn't know you. So he was just trying to impress. You. What is what does that mean that the true? Well, I mean, the main thing some legendary white the white let me ask you this. Why is it a problem for you? Aren't you proud of that? The context of that contract. Shut your face. That's the context. Okay. Stop being mean to me. It's all Tuesday leaders garbage from you today. All right. So that's what we have. We have that. It'll be Nick Adams and our three it'll be Burgess Owens in our to it. Always when I interview Berge. I love Burgess. I think he's great. But it's always tough for me to not call him. Burgess meredith. Yeah. Two. Mickey in rocky movies. It's gonna kill you. Pretty much Burgess Meredith right there did. So there you go. We've got that for you. Which is always nice. And I appreciate you stopping by. There are a few things jumping out at me. They just make you go, really. In the first one has to be the latest a couple of things if you don't mind can talk to you about this before him. But let's get the latest out there for those who listen around the country because it's not trending on Twitter. It's no on social media. I don't know if the national news is covering it anywhere near as much as they you might expect. They would the suspects were dead were both white. So I guess not a big deal to the national media. And in the police officers are arts are still, you know, hopefully, they're going to be recovering. But what's the latest out of Houston meeting and get that for me if you don't have a right to second. And I also okay, let's start with that. And after that, we'll we'll talk about that for a second. After that. We'll talk about the FBI's results or lack thereof on the Las Vegas shooting. Which makes no sense to me, by the way. So you can't let's start out with the latest set of Houston. What are you know, from ABC thirteen it's likely going to the along road to recovery for one of four officers shot while serving a warrant late Monday afternoon in southeast Houston. Another officer sustained a knee injury HPD's chief. Our survey the doctors give an update Tuesday on the conditions of the officers. A fifty year old sergeant who was shot in the face was released from memorial Hermann hospital Tuesday afternoon, he is a twenty five year veteran of the force. A second fifty year old sergeant injured his knee and required surgery. He is a twenty seven year veteran at fifty four year old officer who made entry into the home during the shootout. After other officers were down a thirty two year. Veteran of the force ASA though, said that the fifty four year old past officers a note saying I had to get in there because my officers were down, and it was the third time. The officer had been shot in the line of duty. He was shot before in nineteen ninety two and nineteen Ninety-seven. This man was fifty four years old was the case agent was on the front lines survey said that doesn't tell you about the heart of the men and women we have I don't know what will Houston. Mayors investor Turner who visited the hospital to check on the conditions of the officers of the fifty four year old was strong. It was working that smile on his face. When he couldn't talk got a pad and pencil, and he was writing and communicating said, the mayor survey though, described the officer as tough. His nails with tremendous courage. A Thirty-three-year-old officer was shot in the shoulder. He is a ten year veteran of the forest and was released from the hospital Tuesday. As survey though, says he's most concerned for the fifth officer who is facing a tough recovery of the injured officers were transported to memorial Hermann hospital, Texas medical center, some of them may need to have more surgeries. All the officers were undercover their names will not be released. Tough situation. I mean. Toughest nails is a great way to describe somebody. Who says I hear gunshots and going in, you know, compare the two it didn't happen in a misty highschool in in parkland, Florida with the guy said screw that. I'm not going. These guys walked in the two suspects are dead. Maybe I missed it. Have you seen this trend anywhere? You know, what I have not? No. I mean talking about it locally. I really haven't seen it anywhere else today. Now, sometimes it last night. I saw it on Fox News. But I don't think it's gotten a huge amount of coverage though. I mean, it's it's a humongous story. And again, it just to make a quick comparison. If the there's a police shooting and somebody who is seen as a marginalized person and marginalized in this country, it's going to be big news the top trend for two weeks. That's just the way it goes this. This goes a long way to continue to prove. And I've already known and most of you already know that police officers do a thankless job a job that is rarely recognized the way it should be. And these people will go in and try to take bad guys off the streets, the allegedly fed all sorts of illicit drugs there. Plus, I love we mentioned this. But when they walked in. When they were shot. I mean, what are we talking about here? Kamala Harris, who's running for president who's. This judge claims he was her former lover. Has already said he made sure she moved up and got positions because of his relationship with her people are saying that she slept her way to the top. And if you believe him, then you pretty much know that, but here's a person who is. Pro-abortion somebody who is pro black lives matter as far as they know. And she was quoted as saying today carry something to the effect of. We have to get assault weapons off the streets. They're killing babies and police officers that tweet of yours. So maybe I missed it. But if she's against killing babies, she should be pro-life. And if she's against killing police officers, then you'd have to be against black lives matter, which is an anarchist group that wants to disarm police officers. I don't Kamala Harris thinks that we're just going to buy that BS because she's good looking lady and can speak. Well. For some reason, if you're a politician, and you look pretty good you could speak pretty well. You've got a good chance that needs to change in this country. But I mean what a hypocritical thing to say knowing what her stances are on these very important issues. You need to reject. Black lives matter the anarchist group. That's funded by far left wing fascists that wants to listen. We had black lives matter on from Minneapolis. Saint Paul is very program and the idiot had to hang up on me because she was a she she's living as a he who is leading the pack. Even remember the name of the person way. When I was asking why you're shutting down I thirty five Imia polis, the answer was because of of the hundred people that were killed by police last year or something like that. And I said how many of them were armed and there was silence. And they went how many of them were aren't armed. I don't understand the question. What's hard to understand? How many were armed now? This is the the person from the organization the black lives matter outlet to be the tiding group that actually put out a painful it or a flyer that said, we aim to disarm police de fund and disarm police. Anybody who supports black lives matter? That's what they're supporting. So Kamala Harris is she's gotta make a gotta make a decision. And by the way, there's no such thing as an assault weapon or assault rifle areas in Stanford assault rifle any weapon, whether it's a could be an ice pick could be a knife. It could be a car any weapon could be called it assault weapon. If it's used to assault somebody. So let's stop the BS about let's call it. Something. Chief acetate. Oh, I think he does a great job. He's a passionate guy. Somebody up on Twitter last night. He is somebody who's a democrat. He and I don't see eye to eye politically necessarily. I thought that his update today. And I watched a lot of Houston was was great until he went off on this whole thing that the prayers are enough or something because somebody asked him something about guns some idiot reporter asked him something about guns, then he went on about how we have to do a better job that if you can go to the local gun show and buy a gun in a straw purchase. And blah, blah. I mean, we're talking about somebody from what I understand there were used. They used a shotgun on these police officers. I mean, shotguns could be bought at almost any store. There's no background check for a shotgun. At that. I know of. So I'm not really sure what he was talking about. He went off it is weird tangent. But for the most part way that he's handled this I think has been stellar. I just wish that he wouldn't get mired into the into the politics of it realized that those asking questions have agenda, they want you to say something, and he gave them what they wanted today. It's eight eight eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. We come back. We're to talk about the FBI has come to a conclusion in the Las Vegas shooting. And the conclusion is gonna make your face hurt. It's edited eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. Stay here. Don't be an age. Stay with the Joe pags show. What most people don't realize is that working in radio is Hungary work, and what I need is. 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