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Fire. The Cameron Peak fire in your Chambers Lake is now more than 15,000 Acres Incident Commander Mike Hayden. It's still moving through some heavy fuels. But as we're starting to get prepared of four fire, that's a few days out the fuel start to change, and that really gives us a great opportunity to go out there and hopefully stop it in its tracks. That is and will remain our goal. The whole full suppression tactics. Highway 14 remains closed from rustic to Gould, another 90 plus degree day in Denver Wednesday, adding to a quickly growing total that puts us at 59 so far 90 degree plus days for 2020, so we are in the top five. For the most 90 degree days in a year on record here in Denver Box 31 meteorologist Jessica Labelle says the high temperatures expected to remain in the nineties for the next week. Some Broncos players kicking it into high gear at training camp. Linebacker Alexander Johnson started 12 games for the Broncos a year ago. After playing well in those dozen starts. He said Wednesday that he's not resting on his proverbial laurels. You always take a game higher. So there goes I had may our conference last year was one make Just keep increasing being very playful following practice. Head coach Vic Fangio said It was his decision to keep Bradley jump out for the day, but said he's fine. Cornerback Devante Harris has a knee contusion and a pair of tight ends. Miss Wednesday's workout as well. Nick Vendettas in concussion protocol and no offence is out sick, but Fangio said it was not Corona virus at UCL training Center. Raining. Krystal Kayleigh news radio. I'm Chad Power on K Away News Radio 8 50 am in 94 1 FM Only four days left until carpet mill outlet.

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