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Would help you guys, but we know that Going it alone this year. We're gonna all be together again next year thistles the right thing to do. Even though it's a hard thing to do. Robins, Highland Park, Darian and Broadview Mayor's joined Lightfoot in a video telling their own families. They'd be distant this holiday over 1500. Thanksgiving dinners are being passed out this afternoon at two Chefs restaurant in Bensenville. Here, Frank de Simone and two chefs owner Bob Terkel says because of the pandemic, the need is greater this year. The first wave of it the second wave is hurting us a little bit more, but Like we say in Tombense, civil strong. Hopefully, you know we get the vaccine and everybody's out in business is normal, or we could go back and thrive again. Distribution began at 11 and families picking up meals are asked to enter off of Green Street heading north on center Street. Residents of one Pennsylvania town are facing an aggressive flock of Turkey's just in time for Thanksgiving. Resident who lives in Whitehall says a group of wild turkeys have been roaming the area and almost attacking people, One resident said the animals have no problem coming after you. The group consists of more than 20 turkeys, and according to neighbors, they have become increasingly more aggressive toward people who enter the area and have even chased some people away. But what to expect when they plan to be eaten on Thanksgiving? WGN SPORTS Here's Kevin Powell. The Thanksgiving NFL schedule down to two games after the Ravens and Steelers match up was switched to Sunday because of coronavirus issues with Baltimore Bears back to work today. Mad Maggie schedule to meet with reporters later this afternoon should know more about the quarterback situation. Then Alabama football coach Nick Saban has tested positive for covert 19. Statement from the university says saving has very mild symptoms. He won't coach in Saturday's game against Auburn in college basketball gets going today. Number eight Illinois hosting North Carolina A and T I'm Kevin Powell, WGN.

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