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I haven't yet so look into it maybe you could maybe could do some reporting and add on some a couple of days at the end i don't think you need to be as as as great an expert reporter as you are in this kind of question the explanation but but lay it all out for us yeah as you said gerson spokesperson is saying that he was there on vacation he was not even aware of this secret meeting that george nader the lebanese american businessman who is there is telling muller was actually a back channel but he was also mr gerson was at a separate meeting a few weeks earlier at the four seasons in new york which was attended by steve bannon michael flynn as well as nater and some of these other characters and so look the bottom line here for for people trying to follow this at home is muller appears to be investigating whether the united arab emirates essentially piggyback on the russian election interference effort and whether after trump got elected they took steps to broker kind of an arrangement between the russians and the trump team and whether they sought to also if once the trump administration and also potentially the saudis and when you look at what the saudis and the emory's have gotten out of the trump administration are it's quite a lot trump route withdrew from the iran nuclear deal which those countries hated he all any them he can't pay against that anyway yeah he did he he also backed them though very strongly in their in their blockade move against cutter this is a country where the united states has a very important airbase but trump had no problem siding with the saudis and the emirati in their dispute with cutter and so look well.

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