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Some of that those adults who basso save you don't have one main Olympic saw data I said that's one the scoggins they'll rejoins I'm sorry they help out 'cause they followed them small face that's why be trying to like that's why it was just Jordan Ron James Oh oh Chinese but I'm because you can work at the game they're not doing bureau though bureau to play you don't heckle the guy who started the t shirts they help out but what are we talking about over in China they're going to take it the same day if you try if you're trying to make a point and use people as collateral you'll need necessarily Lebron James you is assigning a very big for his third player that's what to say oh no I'm saying the third best is still a lot of money as far as it's where you live do die if you number three over in China still pretty huge but you look Jordan brand us two billion over there Brian I say we'll say he wasn't sample for you to voluntarily say what you said nobody forced you to say what you said You Lebron James chose to attack somebody who was standing up for a press people Oh and it's irrelevant about who says what anywhere else you Lebron James are a spokesman for oppressed people here in the states people look up to you I defended you the Laura Ingraham told you to shut up and dribble the phillies you essentially what you turn around and say shut up G. Yeah that's essentially what you say and then when the backlash game now become about yeah well you know what it was more about the timing okay I can address I can acknowledge that and say okay you know what I understand your point of view the timing wasn't good for you to say he shouldn't have said it in this misinformed and then follow it up with San I'm not informed well how if you don't have information how can you say that I said we'll be that's what I'm saying we roll with that he's wrong for that that's the only why can't we okay brown room for that so are we going to hold other people from other countries accountable for state enough because when the civil war happened and nobody champion because I'm asking this is what I'm saying I'm not asking nobody to stand up but if you are going to stand up and say something then you're going to be held accountable for those words but he's table even when you the Gospel biggest justice justice is no you know what I said at all Lebron say I wouldn't hold it against them if Lebron didn't say a word heard about this whole situation I would have not held it against them but because he did say something and it was dumb then it's like I'm telling you nobody would looked at himself way saying oh you speak out against everything else but when it's not good for those working for me I I you the minority anyway I'm just saying me and you know I had a big little Brian James Fan but when it comes to off the court stuff I support him one hundred percent I noticed that so he chose not to I think because I understand that predicament I really do and so I would have understood knowing the predicament he's in like basically the predicament that he was in it's the same almost the same thing in the NFL had to deal with the Colin Kaepernick situation because it was like you know you're gonNA piss off a fan of you right so that's why I understand I have to play with Nike because Nike like they had no problem pissing off like middle aged white people over here because they know their bread and butter is with us right but when it comes over giant we still buy goods from there I agree every every major company in America does business over in China so again I can't fought Lebron for playing both sides is because that manufacturing costs are cheaper exact but if you go to a person that's for social is this like Martin Luther King went through the same thing. He advocated for the Civil Rights Bill Right but the advocate for civil rights and other countries yes he actually did and that's it the Vietnam War people was getting Martin Luther King's head because he was staying quiet about it and he wasn't talking about it he wasn't GonNa you know Lyndon Johnson on it and he finally did you know he caught hell from both sides but you know what his son his consciousness soul was at peace because he was like you know what I can't longer stand on the sidelines and not speak off the eighties when Martin Luther King got killed we have any piece sticking up on his behalf that's not the point the point but you still gotta acknowledge you I I don't know when I put myself out there to be something if I put myself out there to be like all right well I'm an advocate for this and then attack somebody advocating for the exact same thing then you do look like hypocrites wind up his responsibility K. right if if he gonna go on a limb to defend ju he shouldn't have the eggs you to defend him that's that's what I'm saying we could say barroom we'll roll with that bomb saying fires the Chinese people you want people to support you speak on your behalf nobody it was asking him know the Chinese person to say how do you know that they were GonNa Texas I'm saying I'm saying because money the press asks them a question about the overall backlash when the price they asked him about the backlash backlash he could've added that a certain way to attack Neuro Maury and say he's misinformed and then immediately say I'm not informed is the dumbest comment I've ever heard I'm saying though say somebody don't I should say good you're on the air joint where we're not what you know about their Nadan well how do I know you wanNA number say if you vouch if you vouch for me with this Anthony Bro then when footlockers saying something about you or anybody else Ovalles yeah you didn't ask me do it but since you did it for me I oh you did back so that's why I'm saying fires they're trying to understand what you're saying you could say that but once again I do think there's a difference between saying you know what you owe me this because I feel like I did just like you're going to volunteer and do something if you're GonNa do something selfless like center for oppressed people I don't think you can then say you own anything because the whole point of it is that selfless that is a ballot Martin Luther King wouldn't have been with people holding him down having I agree with you but Bartlett he come out and say hey you guys ob marching for you all right you know what I'm saying like it is selfless when you selfless you're not thinking about yourself picking about other people because you able to do that you you trust that because abused at the support waiting on demanded he appreciate Martin Luther King has support he wouldn't lasted that long where he was talking about him demanding support adding that you owe him off their him demanding going say hey Chinese where my support I'm just saying from a conversation standpoint I say for you talking about somebody volunteer like nobody had a Lebron James here I'm just saying farthest from Chinese volunteered a statement you want the world to stand up for you right we know why wrong we say Yeah the saying is it was like yeah don't speak another situation I'm thinking from point of view raised more he will he volunteered support of course they're gonNA praise that so you can't say well if that's the case if somebody come out and say Sean I support the podcast I'm like thank you thank you and I might south that personnel but somebody say Buell park has done I'll need that should either you know like fuck you too you know like Emma you volunteer stuff you can secretly say I'm not down with that that don't bother me but if you come to me and say you know what fuck you show your sewing shit why I'm not supposed to feel about that but then asked if one of the personnel might have said that was one of the biggest sponsors if we had a huge sponsor for like we had already yes that's what I that's what I'm getting at the fact that can be Mad Lebron for doing that but it's Kinda like I don't follow them because I'm I wouldn't be messing up my mind and but erased but if money is going to be the end all be all to whether or not you support something then that to me kind of like takes you down a notch as far the moral compass because it's easy anyway so thoughts on the NBA right now I think the NBA is fake assail two but haven't they always been away if you WanNa if you wanna say that how the NBA okay but who's on the NBA. I didn't I'm not on because it's so high but my thing is I've always in our pockets of the NBA Lebron's anes that's done it because I thought he was about the same way I hold up Mohammed Ali because he's about this shit it wasn't like Mohammed Ali almost a prison for what he believed that's what makes him so special because he actually risk something this is bath module you say you're telling the Bronx I'm not saying that sees I'm not saying I'm saying in today's climate political climate with trump office so prevalent he can he heals being speaking out on things so calling people racist he can lose that to dislike he could lose support over business over here is he he's picking the satellite go picking Ricci's arrival Chinese people are black people I'm a pig riding my black people here's my this isn't a black or Chinese saying here's my customer he just when he chose to defend black people he had no no no no no van attack somebody for standing up for Chinese people he could invent indifferent directly but doing he didn't do it directly by doing directly how you gonNa Sound you when you when you denounced in there are more tweet you indirectly supported Chinese he denounced the incentive was misinformed he shouldn't have said it and then he tried to walk it back and window-dressing in a more about the timing now had he made it about the timing initially I would have been like okay so here's my thing this is my only problem would there amaury you could speak out on the Chinese government but in your state black people argue Saturday home that's a whole different argument and I agree with you on that but that's a different argument but that's a what aboutism that is like deflecting from the point there are more admitted thing supporting oppressed people Lebron James Attack but he's not support oppressed people unless you support all those people that could you to say that's a whole different argument you want to have that argument we agree on it but that's still doesn't away from this argument I'm not saying takes away from the argument bringing that up Kinda deflects when some supporting Durham more of you say he's not I have no problem with it same with he said all of a sudden like well now I wanNa pick and choose when I support not support I support anybody that supports any but can't you kind of have a problem with that I support the tweet I support the tweet I support him supporting oppressed people are they're oppressed people in China yes I support them in their fight trying to get freedom anybody classmate wendy after he went over there teaching during outreach stuff over there right Chinese do get into it though no being disrespectful making racist slurs those glass I don br defensive self right because he's bigger guy right they put him in jail for defending himself right yeah so there was no Chinese people say hey even though he is not one of us.

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