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The socialist wing of the party you're in the establishment wing but you know it raises the question what do you think your party's base wants right now a sandra style shakeup or centrism i don't i don't really give a whole lot of thought to that honestly the way i look at my job and i think that we're in an election year most of my republican colleagues would admit to you i try to figure out every day where we can find some common ground and compromise where can we actually move the needle and get things done and a lot of the things are shared goal i think one of the biggest problems we have right now is the way we're talking about each other the way we're talking at each other and the fact that we're not talking with each other i mean as you know i'm i i've co sponsored bills with jim langford i work with rob portman all the time i worked with many republicans and gotten things done and frankly i have a good working relationship we don't always agree on everything but we can usually find something we agree on it's good for missouri so i am somebody who is probably not concerned about the institution of my party 'cause i go against them all the time too i'm more concerned with the fact that so many people are afraid to say that they make compromises important well we're but where have you gone against your party we have these discussion on time in the last year and a half white for example let's just bring up the gina hassle but you voted for john brennan to confirm john brennan when he was a director why not vote for gina hospital who is lower in the chain of command the john brennan was responsible for some of the same criticisms on the torture allegations that she was well i think because i had a one on one conversation with her where her answers to my questions and classified matters were deeply concerning to me but margaret voted for sixty eight percent of trump's nominees i guarantee you most of my party is not done that i have really facilitated the movement of all their nominees and helped with the department of homeland security in terms of voting for more border security agreeing to vote for twenty five billion dollars in additional border security so there's lots of examples i can give you parted ways with my word you know that kind of makes us segue into the immigration issue here do you think this is obviously a rhetorical question but i'm going to ask it this way anyway do you think that people in missouri or anywhere else who support secure borders are nazis because i'm hearing that from a lot of members of your party who support the democrats i think it's terrible that anybody would say that i of course not and by the way i support secure borders consistently and then you can imagine how frustrating is when my opponent goes on your show all these shows oh she's for open borders and ms thirteen and she thinks we should use children as human shields bs and he knows better i having strongest and lengthy documented record that is in favor of improving border security including going to the border and visiting with the border patrol and figuring out what they need so i absolutely we should have secure borders what i did say is we do not need to separate children from their families in order to secure the border they were just deciding to use the criminal process rather than the administrative process and we can use the tension and ankle bracelets in in other ways to get agreement by the emigrants to to that's that are doing something illegally that they will be detained pending administrative hearings frankly right now this whole process was so botched they don't have the bed so it is just a mess that is not necessarily needed in order for us to secure the border i you know i think that's true and i think there's a lot outrage about the separated children but in fairness i heard jay johnson talking about this.

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