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Good evening. I'm tony at ernest lilley. Welcome to scifi to our theme by. Larry carter rally. I liked that song don't you. I'm getting used to it. After thirteen weeks. We should be right. We cover science fiction or fantasy comics and collectibles who live guests and taped interviews. Email us at sci fi talk at aol dot com tonight. Live on the phone nebula and hugo award winning author lowest mcmaster buju tonight. The review is Mother of winter barbara hambly sounds interesting. All right we'll get to that in a minute. Absolutely as star trek first contact makes record. Box office runs. I recently asked. Patrick stewart if he would want to follow and jonathan frakes steps and direct movies although i one of the jobs of this movie is quite wonderfully relaxed and easygoing laid-back performance. Jonathan gives this movie. it's it's it's astonishing. How how comfortable he seems to be. But i have never been able to understand how now ken brown. Oh and and these. People direct themselves in major roles. I don't know how it's possible. Whenever i directed episodes that i had anything to do. I wish i couldn't act. I felt like a beginner win. The acting came about so no. I wouldn't want to direct something with myself but i'm actively looking for projects that would be more appropriate to the kind of thing i want a direct to do. It's a it. Is you know the best job in the world directing movies ernest. We have an interesting review tonight. Barbara handling yes barbara. Hambly mother of winter thirteen years ago. Barbara hambly gave us the third book in the bestselling saga of the realm of dr with a parallel world. Join to ours. not through. quinn maladies remote but by dreamers and reality crossing mejia's in the first trilogy gill a history. Student turned swordsman and rudy account. Airbrush artist of late a fledgling wizard found themselves in a dark fantasy world wanting only to click their heels thrice and be home but by story's end they had found reasons enough to choose. Staying gil is in love with the wizard ingold whom she has sworn to protect and rudy with lyndale ruler of the keep their adventures apart narnia part lord of the rings and part connecticut yankee in king arthur's court. Well they're back. Five years have passed in the realm. Gillan rudy are defending their respective loves in this world where magic works but happily ever after doesn't besieged from without by coming ice age and from within by political struggle for control of the keep guilt travel south with ingle to free her from an chapman that threatens his own life and rudy fends off grotesque creatures from local legend. That have only lately turned out to be quite real. He also dreams of the bald lady. A major from the ancient days who holds the key to the failing magic's that feed the hydroponic gardens. That may be their only hope. In the face of the oncoming cold barbara hambly weaves all this into a mystery for characters to solve through clues entwined in the fabric of life in the realm. The author's background is medieval. List and martial artists provide the ring of truth to the characters especially guild sword play. While rudy's californian perspective provides an interesting point of view he regards feudal politics and is in turn regarded by inhabitants of the rome. This well written fantasy reunites us with favorite friends and promises. More adventurous ahead. Sounds very interesting. There are plenty of barbara hambly fans out. There have been waiting for this. I'm sure okay. Great lois mcmaster. Usual has written a very successful series of novels about our main protagonist miles poor cokes again. I got it right and close. I was close on that one starting in nineteen eighty three with shards of honor. Which run be compton crook award for. First time novel. She has gone on to win three hugos for her series. In addition to winning the nebula and locus awards. Welcome to our ms buccio. Thank you nice to have you high low as it's ernest you remember ernest high. You know this character is very interesting. he's probably the Probably as far as science fiction the most fragile action hero in scifi novel Where did he. where did you come from. Miles has a whole bunch of sources He has a physical template in a hospital pharmacist. I used to work with back in my pharmacy technician days. That's where i got miles as high four feet nine inches. This fellow's head was level with the top of my shoulder and measured that to the volume discovered that before nine and he had The leg braces in the when he walked in certain physical characteristics he was also one of the most brilliant guys work in in the hospital to work with But miles has more of a An emotional template out of my own relationship with my father one of his besetting characteristics is a really bad case of great men son syndrome. Which i sort of think i share. My dad was a very hard act to follow He was an old caltech man and professor of engineering at ohio state university. And in fact where. I got my taste for science fiction. Miles thinks he should be six foot one But you didn't ever consider making a larger than life action hero. That's been done. You know the the thing is when when you're playing with with the john that's already been worked over is is to try to seek seek the angles. Think the points of view that not everyone has done before you Laws to stay in the wiser mile something else just for a second and just maybe a little unfair but but did you ever consider writing miles. A woman in the beginning No although in the very first version of the warriors apprentice he did have a sister who got written out I've always sort of missed her but there goes my sister question before you know before. The book really really got pissed about chapter five. So for people aren't tremendously familiar with the stories. Her miles becomes an admiral. Could you just do a real brief thing on what miles became before memory. Okay oh jeez. We're asking me to sum up ten bucks here. Basically miles develops dual identity. He he has his identity at home as a as a barrier for which is sort of Military aristocrat home world. Which is tough sledding. When you're four foot nine have brittle bones and don't fit in at all and he develops a second identity as a sort of Cobra agent out in the galaxy at large as admiral naismith sending mercenaries for miles a far more satisfying identity allows him to To us sort of the full range of his abilities and talents and over about a ten year period By the way he gets he gets his home. World sub security organization to fund his mercenary fleet. And they m second cy million out for them. Yeah for them in the back beyond or integrate beyond So she's kind of having his cake and eating it too throughout throughout his twenties As he has this one one identity is the the very active. Admiral naismith and the other is the the rather dull. There's also a little bit of I'm sorry there's also a little bit of a detective inhumane. Some of the stories too I know that you had read homes. And and also lord peter whimsey i believe I want to ask you. What do you think his favorite home story would be. Oh heaven that's an interesting off. The wall question that miles read. I remember seeing with there was one scene where he fell asleep reading a novel and ended up stuck in a fog. So i'm not sure how you asli res but But yes he does read. I was talking about miles at tony. I have been for several days now. As a matter of fact and he said you know that sounds like a lot of james kirk and a lot of james bond in miles absolutely. Yeah creek was never my favorite character. So i draw the line there. Okay.

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