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As an extra day to be able to rest as for running back Sony. Michelle, there's not as much optimism there. In fact, what we've heard is that he could miss a couple of weeks with a knee injury. As for the Buffalo Bills rich Lucia McCoy running back with Shawn McCoy in concussion protocol. And even if he's not cleared for Thursday. You know, you would think that with a couple of days there especially going into that game. And being a game inside the AFC east that that's a huge deal for them. And so they're going to wait until the last possible minute as for the dolphins Albert Wilson. Kenny stills Ryan tannehill already ruled out for week eight which means what Brock Tober that means. We get Brock Tober. Why not? I mean, I know that they did not win last week. But still it's kind of fun to see him Chuck in the football and thinking Brock Osweiler. He's starting in the NFL pronounce Brock Tober. It is. I mean, that's a that's a nice combo there to Adam gays and Brock Osweiler the fact that they are back together again now Miami. And then he's starting for the for the chargers coach Lynn remains hopeful that Melvin Gordon and Joey Bosa we'll be back at practice after the teams by weeks of the bye week coming at the right time. Well, Gordon, of course being injured and that London game and really wanting to play. But the by we'd gives them some extra time as as well for Bosa as a lot of injuries. We're going to the midway point. I could go team by team assist. A handful of them. Did you ever wonder why EMT's and hospitals usually administer a saline drip to patients? It's because sodium and water are essential to human survival. Everything is better with a little salt. You can find out why a little salt dot org. And if you're thinking about football for week eight well, we're in the same boat because CBS a Super Bowl season continue. In us Sunday. Coast to coast collisions Cleveland and Pittsburgh clash in the AFC north the jets. Fata Chicago to face the bears as Denver and Kansas City. Duke it out in the AFC west matchup. Baltimore battling the Panthers in Carolina and the colts take on the raiders in Oakland day kicks off with the NFL today at twelve eastern that's nine AM Pacific on CBS. That was a lot of promoting the of games mind you, but a lot of promoting after hours here on CBS sports radio us some good news for the Vikings Everson. Griffen is back with the team your member. They were worried about him as you could imagine definitely dealing with mental health issues and some some challenges in his personal life. But now back with the team. I don't know how quickly he's going to be playing with the Vikings. But at least he's back, and he's he's at work, and the structure, you hope we'll help him first off, you know. I want to take full responsibility for my actions that went on in September. You had a lot of support from family. You know, the Minnesota Vikings the doctors, my teammates, the fans and. You know, I wanna give my apologies to people impacted. I'm sorry that any type of way. And you know, I'm just excited. To give back here with my team and get back to get back to the grant of things, you know, it's been it's been it's been hard to be away. But I'm happy to be back in you know, I it's a good feeling right now and taking one day at a time one thing at a time to get things back on track. I learned I learned a lot about the man outside.

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