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Of souvenir racing magazines will be available by mail order this coming week. The audacity to do is write the North Carolina Motor Speedway post office bucks. Five hundred Rockingham North Carolina seven dollars and fifty cents except checks or money orders. If you'd like to have a copy of the civic program for the AC Delco five hundred here at this racetrack two hundred and two or on the board the big surprise of day. I guess he ally has to be the fact that Mark Martin has not been up there. But a factor the top five that team has not missed a beat all year long. So to speak, the consistency. May may not be a factor to win every race. But most of the time he'll be around the top five or six but not so today at the top fifteen right now he is running in fifteenth position with Dale Earnhardt running in the eighth spot. So obvious. See the point Chappel could well change here today. But at the same time we are merely two hundred three laps in to a four hundred ninety two lap race. So at this point everything we've talked about his obviously speculative we should mention though, if you're just tuning in that neither Dale Earnhardt, nor Mark Martin has led a lap here today. And if you're new to our sport, the new wonder what the significance might be you get five bonus points. If you do lead a lap even one lap in the middle of the race. You lead laughing get five bonus points, and the driver who leads the most laps in the course of an afternoon would get an additional five bonus points that right now is looking very strong in Kyle Petty's favor as we work our way towards halfway here. The AC Delco five hundred why don't we run things down? Again, the cars on the lead lap. They're still nineteen on the lead lap with Kyle petty showing the way haven't Kubicki a second. Harry Gant third Bill Elliott, fourth cash Reiter fifth. Sixth is Ricky read up a good run seventh. The Sterling Marlin eighth is way. You'll find Dale earn. Earnhardt ninth is the Geoff Bodine car ten stereo Bondi Ernie urban runs in eleven twelve this Morgan shepherd. Ret Bodine's thirteenth fourteenth belongs to Rick mast. Mark. Martin isn't fifteen. Darrell Waltrip sixteenth. Bobby hill in seventeen then Rick Wilson and Dale Jarrett. Those are the nineteen cars on the lead lap. We are live at the North Carolina Motor Speedway in Rockingham. Two hundred twelve laps are completed the running of the Delco five hundred beautiful sunshiny after noon here on the sandhills region of North Carolina. The third for the final race on the Winston Cup scheduled for nineteen ninety at had been all Kyle petty, thus far as a matter of fact, Kyle continues to leave the true value hard charger standings predictably enough as he has led. Most all of this race Ken Schrader who is fifth in the race. Currently second in the true value hard charger points. That is a contest where the top five runners on each lamp, get points over the course of the afternoon the attrition list. Rather slim today. Four drivers gone with engine failure. Charlie Baker, Tracy, Leslie, Jeff Purvis and Ted muss grave. Meanwhile, Mike Skinner has just taken his car behind the wall. Let's get an update from Winston Kelly. In the car and the crew is looking up underneath a hood, Mike, same the problem. Well, believe the ignition is give up on them. We're going to try the other coil here. What the deal is. Mike bitter, Phil having his Clinton paint Chevrolet worked on the way. Still watching the Bill Elliott machine out there..

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