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The same circuits the same chemical the controls motivation that controls what you want also controls movement but at an event during a little more complicated than that in in the mid 1970s guiding wolfrom schultz decided to take a much closer look and his subject was a monkey so he would put these very thin needles that can record the activity of individual dope me neurons in the monkey brain and they put the monkey in a room and then if we day they will walk down the hall to the royal oak he was opened the door hello monkey a flip on lying to give the monkey some juice haeco monkey men when the monkey sift the juice dopamine hit you want really then come to surprise he soon discovered something very odd about these neurons as the juiced this monkey kedo monkey fq kelo monkey deylaud monkey dan a monkey the square of dopamine which they were always measuring the monkeys brain seemed to move forward in time what do you mean well at first the dopamine hit when the monkey took the sip of juice shadow monkey but after awhile the monkey got the dopamine hit when they entered the room and switched on the law honky after a few more times the dopamine hit when the researchers feet could be heard walking down the shah you see what's happening here hello monkey um not really you have to bring home for a little bit of other together what the monkey is trying to do is pieced together the sequence of events that inevitably lead to juice exactly that's what these cells do they try to predict rewards so this isn't just about movement or about feeling good it's about finding the pattern of the thing that makes you feel good yes it's patent fight oh this.

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