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I don't care that you've wrote hero more fewer now. I say this. With respect with all the respect to mush but my advice to the president is this mr president. You just got to try harder not to shock. Not more newark. You are listening to the billy dis. will hello everyone and welcome to the by gas. My name is billy dis. If this is your first time here first of all thank you. Thank you so much for finding us just to let you know. We are primarily and interview and a commentary. Podcast we've had a couple of really awesome interviews recently with some authors and feel free to go back through our playlist and check those out. You can find the billy these podcasts pretty much anywhere podcasts are found all of your favorite podcast platforms. That should have us. But if you have any issues about that you can find out more about abilities by cast on twitter. Real easy to find on twitter at billy dis and also facebook abilities podcast and youtube. Why we are going to talk about today. There's a couple of different things. We're going to talk about this horrible situation with alec baldwin and this accident. That happened on a movie. Set that he was working on in which one person was killed and another person was injured With the use of some sort of a prop a firearm. And we're going to talk about that. And i want to be clear when i talk about this. This isn't going to be critical of alec baldwin. There's been a lot of hate directed at him from his political foes so to speak and there's also been people running to his defense because they liked his political stances or his ability to act. Or what have you and we simply have to wait for the investigation to take place. Exactly what happened here. Who was involved whose responsibility was to in and obviously on a movie set. There's people who take care of specialized special effects props and things like that. We're going to discuss that a little bit. But we're not going to get into. Who's to blame specifically in this given case because they facts simply have not come out yet through a proper investigation. Now i know there's people and they've already presented themselves to point out that alec baldwin as passed a judgment on social media of of certain events and and that may well be the case. I do not know. But i can tell you that. It doesn't matter to me if he has. That's not something we do here. So getting back to if you're new to the program. I am not ideologically driven okay. I don't judge things based upon. Who's involved to me. A given action is either right or it's wrong. It doesn't matter who's doing it or who's the victim are these people Are they the people i agree with. Are these the people. Don't like that doesn't factor in a given action is either right or wrong okay. And that given action is either right or wrong. Regardless of the people involved what their political affiliation is or what they've done online in the past this argument. Well what about 'isms those are things that drive me crazy. Okay if i murder someone. My defense can't be well. What about ted bundy. How many people did he kill. That's that doesn't justify action. And what about. 'isms are currently a widely used by both sides of the political aisle the ideological divide. And it's not something that we do here. Also today we are going to talk about the role of digital media and how accessible it is by more and more people and digital media isn't necessarily social media for example. A video is video. It isn't necessarily part of social media although it can be and had very often is interwoven into social media because people use social media to promote their digital media. We we do that here. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that but it's it's becoming a wider and wider field and what role that does this play in. How events like the alec baldwin situation are being analyzed. We're going to talk about that a little bit. And i'm gonna try to go some places that you might not expect with that okay and while we're on the subject of anything associated with social media. We're also going to talk about just very briefly facebook and a possible new social media platform from a certain former president. All that is heading your way in regard to the alec. Baldwin tragedy is probably the best way to describe it. I don't know how this happened. We're gonna talk about it a little bit on the movie set of rust which was a movie that it was in production in new mexico. Apparently a firearm discharged on the set director of photography halina hutchins who was forty two years old was transported to the hospital via helicopter and subsequently pronounced dead by medical personnel also director. Joel sousa forty eight years. Old was transported to the hospital by ambulance and his condition is apparently not been released in detail. But i've heard that there was a wound to the shoulder. We have an edited portion of the nine. One one call for you right. Here are bonanza creek. Dental shot on a movie set by top gun. We need help immediately off. The nancy creek grants come on. Stay on the phone with me. We're going to get some help okay. Director and cameraman.

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