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This is Joanna from Batavia Illinois radio lab is supported by linked in learning Lincoln learning has over thirteen thousand courses to help you clinch any career moment. Like getting promoted or nailing. Your next presentation. Visit Lincoln learning dot com slash career to keep learning in the moments that matter to you. Hey radio lab producers Simon Adler here. And before we get to the show. And here we got a quick word from us any McEwen hair. This is Kelly prime radio lab step. This is Walters here here and the technical pretty production manager producer editor here radio lab on slightly self conscious embarrassed by the fact of speaking my phone, okay? So again, we reached out to you guys to our listeners, and we asked that four thousand of us core radio four thousand you did you did you did you totally came through incredible. In fact, more than games. And so from the staff your radio lab, the people you pay to keep on the air. Wanna thank every one of you became a member during that drive to thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. And if you didn't pledge yet. Don't worry not too late. We welcome. Our support year round at radio app dot one Brady lab. Work radio lab dot org. Thanks. Okay. Onto the show. Wait. You're. Listening to radio radio. WNYC? So I guess our first question is like what what conceivable set of circumstances led to you doing? What you did? I just thought it would be a weird thing to do. Yeah. Well, that would be we we don't know if it's funny, but we try it out. So is it going to be weird? We'll do it. Yeah. Is it going to alienate half the audience? Yeah. Do. Okay. We just to send things up, and you'd better goes to people you just heard show and curt Brown, they are comedians, and we first heard about the bit you're about to hear from Jesse thorn, host of the sound of Young America. Great show. Are you rolling over there? Jesse? No record you. Okay. Check own. Okay. Yeah. I'm really. So you say when Kurt and Kristen walk onstage. What happened? Well, there's a couple of jokes up top. They joke about this this TV show that they hosted in the seventies bench. Finally. I'd courthouse it explained the American judicial system using a courthouse. Made completely of animal cancelled immediately. In. So the audience is kind of laughing at the jokes thanking like, oh, this is going to be a regular comedy sketch sketch from that tonight. All right. Hey herring. I'm ready. Okay. And then they go into this song. Does this maniacal seeing clapping? Christian is doing this horsey, Dan. Just. Could you do this? Four in Lincoln y. Titian Jad where we do it. We got the after the third repetition. People laugh, maybe they get it. Like, oh, they're just gonna do that over and over and then somewhere around like four around the fourth time, then it's not. I'm done with them done. I don't wanna watch this anymore. Why are they still doing? And then and then that changes tach will hatred, and they're like, you stupid people you too stupid people. But somewhere between nine and eleven. And then they're like.

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