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If they felt that this was not a fight that was good for him, and he needed something to build a little bit a little bit of confidence, and they shouldn't have taken the fight. You can't just continue to throw the guy out there and hope that he's going to tough it out. So I, I would say much more, so on the team around him than the promotion in this in this is that we forget all the time we criticize Scott Coker for protecting guys like you know if you wanna say the dance to being protected. I think it's ludicrous say that guys like fought twice. But if you want to say that fine the guy never had an amateur career like what do you want you want the fight you fight rang? Guys. Oh, sort of like Erin. Pico, who's now four and three that you can't see the same people. Criticizing him for Dennis and criticizing him for PICO. But for two completely different reasons it doesn't work that way. Not everyone has their own path. Everyone has their own career, but look like you're asking him to do to Danis, which are also criticizing him for peco's career makes no sense. Yeah. I I I've nothing to add because I think you're right. And you made it out very well, think PICO can be saved. You think his career can be turned around too late? Absolutely. This is this is not boxing. This is not boxing. I think you know, there's certainly been some long-term Gamage in terms of his competence, right? Like you start your career in the way that he has started and feel like a world beater. You just can't you cannot, you know, and prospects like him if you were to build them up that way, if you were to feed them, you know, a couple of lower level, opponents and build them up that way, there would be confidence, building brewing. There certainly been some long term damage done by these losses. But as far as you know, further down the road, I definitely think this is not. This is not the end for PICO. He's way too talented. And in the moments, you know in these fights he comes to be winning. He tends to be dominating before it all unravels, whether it if you getting into sloppy striking changes whether. Being able to control the wrestling. And then on the next shot getting me. There's always, there's always that moment where it turns. But I think you know, it's clear that he has the tools, whether it be sticking to the standup or in the grappling. He's very talented in both regards. It's, it's, it's more about him not being able to mix it together, and be a complete mixed martial artists, and that's we're getting those reps against those lower tier opponents kind of key. So I think as long as the next opponent is, is somebody that he is going to be able to showcase his skills, and somebody that he's going to be able to get that experience in the cage, without fear of it turning sour quickly. I think he'll be fine. I think ultimately he is. So he's so athletic so talented that they'll be able to build them back up. But, but there's been damaged on no doubt about it giving like, three four five maxim freeze now, let them fight local guys on the prelims build them up..

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