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You know what i'm talking about phones are open triple eight seven two seven b e c k seven two seven back it's a friday where anything goes i have a few things i need to get to we're going to talk common core at the bottom of this hour with a friend of mine who knows a lot more about it than i do and she is helping lead the cia judge to try and stop common core and it's a bigger battled than we know we're also going to speak with congressman louie gohmert from the first district in the state of texas he's going to join us at the top of the next hour and we have a myriad topics to get to uh i'm going to continue with the komi thing but i think we have to go on again with the discussion of nancy pelosi ricardos in tennessee you're listening last hour ricardo when i played some of the craziness coming out of pelosi's mile welcome to the show sir but it is my journeys three oh wow great isn't that some sort of triangles some three citi group there you got it man you you are you are in the nose try to these with kingsport johnson city in a course bristol we got a great race track boost gray area to live out about how you know i i can't agree with you more and it's it's about the food for me the racing is one thing the people are the other but when you get to that part of tennessee there are some serious barbecue going on so i'm a you better believe a i'm i i will stop even though i might not be supposed to be stopping i will stop and you always stopping you ask a local look i'm starving like a garbage dj ran on a hot day where can i get some serious barbecue and they will tell you they will send you their so i'm glad you're here and now i'm salivating thinking about barbecue.

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