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I read the Franklin, you say anything of the Franklin, I would say, Bob Marley, and then. I don't know. I love. Cardi B. As she says. Those are great. Thank you for those aren't songs, I felt like I was watching Amy Poehler being the mom from me, and girls, interviewed Kamala Harris. I'm not just I'm a cool mom. Yeah. Doing the dance news while she's holding the camcorder. Oh my gosh. So I mean it's fairly easy. I think everybody knows this song's three little birds one for Dempsey song. I mean there's. I shot the sheriff, no woman, no cry. Oh, I don't know. See can't let limit it to three. You can't limit about Marley two three. You gotta give you gotta give that that man's library. Some grace, you're seeing an also does not follow up with doesn't answer, people sit Suchy. So that's a good one. I don't think that Alisyn Camerota, knows anytime. I Bob Marley either. Oh my gosh. Yeah, it's, it's that was so awkward. It's awkward. Anything by Aretha Franklin gives us just one. I mean, at least. There is a crowd pleaser on my gosh. Was that? I'm sorry. That was the whitest thing I've ever heard for gosh. It's a crowd pleaser. Oh, my goodness, where in my Ted and I'm gonna go talk to the manager at target after I do the interview goodness under express. Oh, my, the pander express. That's right. Oh my goodness. So I that was just so awkward, really not as awkward as the Ben Carson stuff. We're gonna play here coming up. So big, government wants you to stop doing some things. Looking at stuff smoking things and hanging things. That's they don't want you to do any of this stuff. So here we pull this up. Walking while texting is going to be made illegal in New York. Okay. Well. That's, that's dumb people should just want to live and not want not put themselves in decided what constitutes walking more than two steps. They're gonna hit pedestrians with fines of up to two hundred fifty dollars if they use their phones to text check emails or browse the internet. While they're out there walking around. Oh my gosh. This is so dumb. They twenty nine thousand governors high safety association, says at least six thousand two hundred seventy seven pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes. Why don't you just put us on those giant, humans is hamster balls? Let us all everybody gets a hamster ball and let us all walk around, and that kind of fun to be honest, with, it would be it would be annoying. So I. This is crazy Honolulu. Pat, did you know that whole HANA Lula pass a law like this in two thousand seventeen it's known as the distracted pedestrian law? That is dumb. You know what, encourage people to use their critical thinking skills instead of just enabling their stupidity by trying to baby them. Oh my word that's already a law. Billy actually, the text Syria, the texting while walking. They put it in when I was a sophomore it was ridiculous. They don't even have force it, though, it's kind of a. That is so two hundred fifty dollars and what what constitutes walking? What if you're just sort of like shifting I dunno shift? They didn't even define it shifting weight from one foot to another it. What is what's that? I my gosh, the so massively stupid. I really want to go to all these places and just kind of look down on my phone. I've always said, you should be aware of your surroundings when I'm walking out. I don't unless I'm like trying to find something or call in an Uber something like that. I don't I'm not looking at my phone while, but I definitely don't do it while crossing roads or parking garage. I'm always yellow level awareness, but people should be instead of doing this encouraged people to just be smart. Right. I'll show you know what? It's going to do is it's going to it's going to ruin the relationship between the community and police. Yes, police, you're going to have to go out there and enforce some stupid law. They did with the Senate loose cigarette long going to demonize this is not going to help relations in any way when it comes to law enforcement. So now, the, the government also doesn't want you to smoke this or anything there's a proposed tobacco ban now in Beverly Hills. So a fiery debate is breaking out across Beverly Hills because people are looking at banning the sale of tobacco products everywhere, except for some a couple of cigar lounges and essentially banning smoking, which I think is, is ridiculous. This is so ridiculous. This one. I like they talked to this guy name is just Seppi Franck, call. And he's a hairstylist two hundred upscale salon in Beverly Hills. I love this because it's so too so stereotypical. I just gotta read this paragraph. It's a ridiculous idea hair status. Just Sepe Franco, shouted soon after lighting up a Marlboro light on a breeze way, just outside the upscale hair salon that bears. His name first off. Let's be honest smoking is bad. I don't let my daughter smoke. He said, Darnay sometimes profane. Tirade delivered between puffs. They said that one of the gas station, a couple of blocks away. A cashier says they sell about fifty packs a day at twelve bucks a piece, so you can smoke pot. But you can't smoke cigarettes, apparently I don't know. I. I someone said I can pick up cigarette smoke from thirty feet away. It does stink. I think cigarette smoke stinks but cigar smoke now that's like a Yankee candle. Cigar smoke is heavenly it because it's mostly spaces. Whereas cigarette smoke smells. Yeah. But this. I don't know. I think it's silly that they're, they're, they're looking at banning everything literally every with police either. Can't. No, that's not going to do anything either again, look back at the Lucie laws. It got a guy killed in New York. It's crazy. So now, you're also supposed to stop hanging stuff, so states Ville Camping World fights, fines, and legal action over giant American flags. I was reading a story about an HOA that was banned on this guy from an one guy from hanging an American flag. He was veteran actually just came back, and they banned another one, one of my friends in Los Angeles lives in the subdivision when the guy next to her was this Olympic champion, and she's Kristy Swanson, she lives next to this. She was the original Buffy, by the way, she lives next to this guy, who's this Olympic champion, and he was told to take down his rings because people were offended by them. Oh, no joke. He is legit like this Olympia. And I forget what it was. He does. But like a repeat Olympian, and he just has some very tasteful rings on the balcony of his house in the backyard and apparently, people were offended by because there's a trail that goes behind the houses, and they can see it all my gosh. What is wrong with you and your life that you've gotta just wind over everything? So now let's review this story stateful North Carolina. It is apparently, it's the city of states. Fill filed a lawsuit to have this big flag removed from Camping World. I don't even know what Camping World is. It's a place, I guess for RV's and camping stuff. I'm assuming it's like a bass pro on the east coast just more more tailored towards outdoors rather than, like, you know, fun stuff. Well. Yeah. Doors for best proto. It's less athletic and more outdoor stuff. So, so Camping World they have a big flag in our parking lot. Right. There's a lot of stores do this, by the way. And so the city is trying. They filed an injunction against Camping World and they're finding and fifty dollars per day, going back to Tober fifteen twenty eighteen almost eleven thousand dollars because they want them to take down their American flags and camping Camping World and gander outdoors, basically, gave them a one finger salute and they said, they're, the reason we fly the flag, and we're not taking this flag down signed the petition. So they're passing the city ordinance one allow the giant flag. Why what in the world, this has been going on since twenty fifteen who's rubbing the city? Somebody is the city lawsuits says a flag with one hundred feet of a highway can't be larger than twenty-five by forty feet who's the door that came up with that stupid law. Goodness. And of course, the people are saying, like we have people who work here who are veterans, and we have in our families, and that's, you know, we're, we're actually going to do this. We're we're flying. I mean, I it it's this is so ridiculous. You don't need people nagging. You about every little thing, and you don't need people like maisy Hirono audio somebody twenty to say stuff like this, check this out..

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