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Five dot com about how angry he was that somebody flew a drone over his lake when he was out trying to fish and it got within twenty feet of his head and he felt like he was being spied on he wanted to destroy it and he he is fair minded enough to point out that a lot of times people are using these for construction for real estate surveying things like this but then he says this they're also being used by douche nozzles this is exact words there are also being used by douche nozzles looking to fill their empty lives by spying on and or hassling ordinary people just living their lives he's angry there's another name he calls them he gets into this he gets into how he actually researched if there's any sort of take down device that you could counter the drones and he has a link in the article v interested in that they are coming out with things but dennis i would gladly spend what this asks wipe did on his drug for a device that would officially destroy his little toy like a miniature rpg or something well i know that they had like they're coming out with things that will block any radio signal of any range that will make the controller no longer talk to the drone drone fall out of this guy not necessarily usually they're going to be built where they will return to home base or then just safely land where it is something like that and of course if it's over the lake was not so safely landed lake but i just think it's funny how angry dennis this and that sounds so dennis man you can just hear him ranting of that so anyway we're talking about drones who has either had a drone or have you gotten dennis malloy angry at somebody with a drone jam in new brunswick here on new jersey.

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