Producer, Walter Block, Darrell Perry discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1576 - Cliff Schecter: The Renewed Democratic Civil War & Andy Kindler Dances on OReillys Career Grave


We got gotta jimmy refer cakes on you should have it well i actually i think a military earlier in the week producer lauren nothing maliki to this i've tried to get you guys to read this off of all hypocrisy for days please read the whole thing madman michael brooks over the years you're alpha sam cedar his debated countless libertarian callers from did ford no the pinto would blow up to should i have the right to buy whatever light bulbs and slaves i want to professor walter block and even the great darrell perry all matt debated a man's rights activists and you yourself even debated a scholar of islam and great fing guy saragan of our cod so the question remains why will you not debate jimmy refer cake are you not prepared to defend all you different russia tracks you smug cockatoo or you're a rational disdain towards tells the gabardine look forward to hearing from you this reefer cake reaction friday at four twenty et stopping a cock signed right wing mandela first of all right wing mandela would not like jimmy refer kick you really abusing character and if if jimmy pays me money and gets like i don't know six thousand twitter followers why why planning game here i mean i wouldn't i didn't debate sorry road drove traffic yes oregon hundred but also i don't understand most of the debates that you said with sand where people called into the show jim you can call his show anytime took his today were not taking calls.

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