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To new jersey candidate good so i didn't make it like no brainer. He committed and at that time. That's what i wanted to do and it won't be indifferent because everybody going to ucla. It was just going somewhere where you was wanted and going where we're another guy did. And was steve thompson. You're a and you went to syracuse. Right like you went. You went to them. They're like outside of the pac ten to the other mecca of guards man. Talk about like walking in the syracuse as a freshman with the ball in hand and all the other point guards in the league. You know what i mean. Who may have been older names. Like wh what was. What was that competition. What was that feeling like. Well if you think about looking back. I have been burnt out because at that time when i committed in ninety. Five kerry kittles rally atta irishman skinny. Pin alvin williams kevin north miami. So for me. I didn't know what i was thinking. I just named like kidding and thank god. When i got there i went to the league. Surreal for me man. Just you know you know growing up coming home. Three o'clock watching big monday syracuse georgetown. But it was. It was good for me. And then you know a lot of coaches. Do lie recruiting bake habits. Were man gave me the ball. I was the first freshman ever to lead the biggies in minutes per game. Woah thirty four. Seventy so i had to be burnt out but that was at la culture that they do that. And i was skinny. But i was tough and a killer and what was like the environment you know what i mean going from like an la person right so like dot. That was like for us. That was like we was all watching that share. You know what. I mean because usually go and then they transferred back home. You know what. I mean kaz for all different reasons in syracuse. All i all i knew about syracuse was like the snow. That's what it was was a load and snow called the whole thing. And that's why i learned like timberlake's as you start getting teammates. I learned about chuckers and big old abor eggs jackets and so two coach. Change for me but it was cooled back. Then you know it was bumping nies yup in big yup so it was like man we had a whole nother coast but the love was real am behind master recruiter. I was like man. It's going to be cold out there. He was like well. The dome is seventy two degrees. And his day that way l. Seventy four hundred seventy two. I said well as collies. I yeah. I'm cold too. So when he does words was like man. This is gonna be alright. Yeah and it was obviously we. We did some good things. We'll what was some of your favorite matchups In the big east like point guard was man. I had a rival. You had rivals coming up with. My rival was a former all american. I didn't go to mcdonald's name. He did was shaheen holloway. He was a new york city. Dynamo yes you. He and i are still friends to this day and that that started back. Abcd camp but every time we've seen each other he he and i had like a personal. We planned like one on one with our teams. It was just bush. Hang holloway to this day was probably my only college rival point guard because i want and would he had and obviously he wanted to beat syracuse because obviously he was off but thousand my rival man he was caused caused supercup. That rival restart An ice school. Abcd started abcd candidate. I was muir moves. Moves baby was only two players from california. I went to abcd cam. You guys are went to nyc leg out only one and so Marbury little brother all those so when we played him i didn't know who nobody was. I don't know top rank. Top is in the country. So that's when. I knew it was really like some cheap dirty stuff elbows coast. So that's when i was like i don't like him rapetti pierpoint now like him. And that's when i know rivalry started in quite frankly today man. We still friends. That's now talk about talk about talk about not liking people and and how how i feel like that is a part of like you'll point guard or you filled him saying it also like a great transition into being a great coach but talk about like as a point guard when you lineup or you go to the game. What is in your dna triggered. Gp wanna punk somebody. Yeah you know. What i mean like yours is different Like taco bell like that point guard or an like worse than that. Dna dna and specifically talk about why. You didn't like people why you had to not like people show my my era or was a layup line. I was disturbed. You down in He think he's sweet. Later by happened. You know and that's when we run out and do all the clapping fremont transfer so all that taught you like really like you and it was easy. It was vice versa. And so for me man. I didn't like you Because that was what got me going. Now i heard gary payton. Here's this crazy with the big mac and mind. Was you not scorn on me today. Because i told you our coach we weren't getting them but thirty five points had to figure out so get myself going and defense became my calling card because that was something. I can control something i can do. Some can bring every game and that long behold that ended up being my car car for my career very started on my seeing you down your tap. And you've got your snaps in so that we're all that started yo. You know what time it is. You know this show wouldn't be where it is if one far sponsors let them have it. It's summertime and with that brings those prices moments. You can just kick back grab a few beers in chill. Which a friend's be watching the game getting ready for a concert or a nice tailgate. But have you planned to spend your summer. You deserve more moments to do you where you don't have to. You're craving a fancy smashing drink. We're all you really want is a great taste. Beer that won't fill you up with only ninety-six calories brew by beer lovers and tastes. 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