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Hill road there seems to be a crash there if you're traveling on the north down ninety five by Pelham parkway and over by Bartel Avenue south and that's a busy right George Washington in bad about twenty five minutes and now the forecast from the W. C. B. S. weather center mostly cloudy very humid the sand tune couple showers in parts of the area heavier thunderstorms today's high eighty two after any early evening showers start turning up partly cloudy tonight staying muggy and a low is seventy four degrees looking ahead to tomorrow some hazy sunshine hot very humid tomorrow sigh of ten ninety one even hotter this weekend hazy sunshine Saturday and Sunday with highs of ninety eight temperature that range from seventy four largely to eighty two and several felt seventy five degrees Abed tower like temperature of eighty two more than just the headlines this is WCBS newsradio eight eighty a federal judge in Manhattan order sex offender Jeffrey Epstein be held without bail city officials urged new Yorkers not to take this weekend's heat wave lightly acting homeland security secretary Kevin mac lean and defenses agencies treatment of migrants before a house committee an arsonist kills thirty three people at an animation studio in Kyoto Japan federal prosecutors decide not to file any more charges in connection with the hush money payments to two women who allegedly had affairs with president trump in sports Yankees play two against the rays first one of three this afternoon Mets are in San Francisco tonight and at the British open John rom has a one shot lead in the first round seventy five degrees scattered showers on Thursday July eighteenth it's one thirty one a judge has denied bail for sex offender Jeffrey Epstein who wanted to remain under house arrest at his Upper East Side mansion Marla diamond has more from an out in federal court Jeffrey Epstein showed no emotion as judge Richard Berman.

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