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W E Mail news at 10. Good morning, everyone I'm John Mathews, A U. S marshal was shot this morning while serving an arrest warrant in West Baltimore. Other marshals on the scene returned what fire and killed. The suspect has happened in around 6 15 on North Mount ST. This comes two days after two FBI agents were killed and three were wounded while serving a warrant against the child porn suspect near Fort Lauderdale. The suspect in that case shot and killed himself. No word on how the marshal in this morning's shooting is doing. We will get through this together. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan imploring residents in his annual state of the state address to hang on through the pandemic. With more challenges ahead. The amount of vaccines being allocated by the federal government is just a tiny fraction of what we need. That is the hard truth, Hogan says. That makes it even more critical that lawmakers pass his billion dollar covert relief bill and that schools reopened. It is critical that we give our students the chance to get safely. Back into the classrooms during this entire crisis. We have always followed the science and the science is clear. And Randall County is preparing to follow the governor's directive to reopen schools next month and excited to bring some re opening information as we get ready to open our schools on March, 1st, a double mass, Dr George, our Lotto school superintendent, says he's relied on guidance from an Arrundell county's health officer, Dr Nine less colleague on a Roman one of the best, probably the biggest question people have her. Two straight in Medford's. The CDC recommends this this month they're returning to school without cue Street decision points. Dr K is these cold, says the change. Federal metrics are based on data collected over the past two months, noting vaccinations are not a CDC requirement to return to in person learning Barbara Britt W M a. L and W m a l dot com We told you yesterday that Loudon County will start bringing kids back into classrooms in the next two weeks. But the school board's also looking for ways to help kids make up for lost time and lost learning. We have identified resource is and replaced them not only for virtual learning, but also potentially summer school, the mediation to help those students that are struggling Board member Jeff Morris tells the Larry O'Connor show We heard for many parents who were angry classes were closed. But he says there are just a Z. Many who are angry that they're reopening bacon. Silence me. They can show violent, you fresh offers venture in the Virginia Senate for comments he made ahead of the capital riots as well as for personal attack, Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase tells mornings on the mall. She's not going to stop fighting to protest against Curbing First Amendment rights. I feel like I happy because I mean, we see what is going on nationally now what they're doing with with Marjorie Green. Um, um You know, we we've got to put it into that The whole house is that district congresswoman green of her committee assignments. Today, Chase is doing the Virginia State Senate to keep her center from being finalized. University that leads the world in reporting coronavirus data now has some data to report in It. Don't backyard in person classes on the John That's options. Homewood campus were suspended yesterday and are again today. After about 30 students tested positive for covert 19 just days after the spring semester got underway. The university says most of those involved are student athletes. It's believed their cases are linked to activities that took place off campus. Checking your money. The Dow is up 215 points the NASDAQ up third Up next traffic and weather the sport of baseball.

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