President Trump, World Health Organization, Ohio discussed on Lance McAlister


Covered nineteen the president also slamming the World Health Organization for its criticism of his China travel ban now the latest traffic and weather together right now an accident reported on I. seventy five southbound this after the shepherd lane exit otherwise no new reports of any accidents album his forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center during this challenging time advanced dentistry would like to say thank you to all the health care workers and folks on the front lines out there you are appreciated developing late overnight chance of severe weather a low of sixty one now for your Wednesday a chance of rain early then gradual clearing the highest seventy five at night rain likely again a chance of storms in the lower forty five from your severe weather station on nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh news radio seven hundred WLW radar showing a partly cloudy sky our current temperature seventy three degree we have confirmed today four thousand seven hundred and eighty two cases and unfortunately we have now seen a hundred and sixty seven deaths in the state of Ohio doctoring the acting director of the Ohio department of health giving the latest cases and deaths now death numbers from the corona viruses afternoon over thirteen hundred hospitalizations with over four hundred now in the I see you also reported governor Mike DeWine announces snap recipients will be receiving extra help in addition all snap eligible households will soon be able to pick up a pre packaged box of food.

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