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TV icon Dick Van Dyke, songwriter Joan Baez, choreographer Debbie Allen and violence Midori were named the Kennedy Center honorees on Wednesday they'll be recognized with re envisioned virtual tributes because of the ongoing pandemic. Virtual events for the honorees will also be held throughout the week beginning May 17th I'm Tom Roberts Grammy Award nominated singer Post. Malone is helping donate thousands of pairs of crocs to healthcare workers across the country. Malone and Crocks teamed up with musicians on call to provide 10,000 hospital employees with a pair of the sold out duet. Max Clog, too. I'm Brian shook New York City is canceling contracts the city has with the Trump Organization after the deadly Capitol building riot last week. Scott Pringle reports, Mayor de Blasio says of a company is engaged in criminal activity. The city has the right to toss their contracts. We all saw crime committed. Live on TV. Come on, It's quite clear. The president of states committed a criminal act. He directed insurrection against United States Capitol period. That's criminal. That's treasonous. Trump's son, Eric, vows to fight this in court, saying the city has no legal right to end the contracts and calls it political discrimination. The Trump Organization has contracts for the Central park carousel to ice rinks in a golf course. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is charging a Biden campaign worker with election fraud. Rachel Rodriguez was featured in a project very toss last fall, engaging in what critics call vote harvesting. Paxton said he was charging her with election fraud, illegal voting unlawfully assisting people who are voting by mail and unlawfully possessing an official ballot. A bio pic of the life of the late Arizona Senator John McCain is in the works. Michael Kastner reports. The movie will be based on author Mark Salter's book The Luckiest Man Life With John McCain. McCain's widows, Cindy Will executive produce the film. In a statement, Cindy said John Story is of incredible heroism of serving cause is greater than his own son. Self interest, and there is no better time to tell it. McCain died in 2018 at the age of 81 from brain cancer. I'm Michael Kastner rebel Wilson is talking about when she had to use her survival skills in Mozambique in an upcoming episode of Skies, Straight talking, the pitch perfect alarm reportedly revealed to Aunt Middleton. She was once kidnapped at gunpoint while in Africa. Wilson said she was on a cattle truck when men with guns on another truck approached.

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