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Indeed I wanna get to other stories in just a second but tell me from a technical standpoint And I don't WanNA spend the too much time on this but things like filters or shutter speed for propeller and I mean what what are some of the basics of airplane in air air to ground air to air photography right Well so from from a standpoint. I'll just say that. I do use circular polarized on my lenses especially during aired. Air shoots almost all the time because you know aircraft are very reflective surfaces. Even if they're painted a hopefully they're clean and do reflect a lot of light. So polarized help without a little bit They also help you know. Sharpen hazy backgrounds and things like that. I use a combination of filters but I I really like helium. Pan and Bmw filters they seem to Work the best for me. I lose filters occasionally Out of the airplane doesn't happen a lot but so those need to be replaced from time to time. But yeah so. I'm always using a filter as far as shutter speeds and things like that go I'm trying to shoot at the lowest I can get away with But as far shutter speeds the the key shutter speeds when shooting air photography especially if it's a prop aircraft is that you need to slow the shutter speed down enough so that the prop so that any one blade of the PROB can make can make a you know if it's two bladed prop. Each blade has to travel one hundred and eighty degrees to get that full circle. You know that big prop disc that big lighted prop disc on the front of the aircraft. That people like to see you. Don't you don't WanNa see the prop stopped and you try to avoid any big gaps in that in that prop arc So to do that. You've got to slow the shutdown enough now. Obviously if you have a two bladed prop you have to slow the shudder down even more if you have a four bladed prop you don't have to slow it down as much because each each blade only has to make a ninety degree. ARC I it gets a little technical but the ideas. Keep the shutter speed as slow as possible while still maintaining sharp photos and And we do that through a couple of means obviously a little bit of it's trial and error Trying to keep yourself as.

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