Pakistan, Bob Roberts, Pentagon discussed on Yankees Baseball (Air Only)


Thirty eight the Missouri attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the, buck the duck boat which sank on July nineteenth leaving seventeen people dead Missouri attorney general Josh Hawley alleges in a lawsuit filed late last, week that the Florida, based Ripley entertainment violated, state law meant to protect consumers from fraudulent business practices, the lawsuit claims, the company kept information from passengers about decades of notices of ongoing safety hazards that pose the president. And deadly danger to every person on the, duck, boat the. Lawsuit claims the, captain, was ordered to complete the lake portion of the Trip to avoid refunds to passengers and the captain did not tell passengers, to wear life jackets as the storm got. Worse I'm Bill Michaels a funeral has been, held in Chicago for six of attend Schilder killed. Last weekend when flames ripped through an apartment offering a sleepover party service. Remembered five siblings and a cousin the youngest, victim just three months old correspondent Bob Roberts reports emotions were high I some. Mortars flash gang signs that are TV cameramen was harassed and other photographers were told by a man and a gang had to, stop shooting in video, twenty minutes before, mass began, this fight broke out inside of Our Lady of church mourners still Cermak road, and down Whipple street before police squad screamed in to restore. Order place cleared the area once the hearses department Bob rubber CBS news Chicago the Pentagon is cutting millions in aid to Pakistan because the nation hasn't done enough to fight. Terrorism the Pentagon plans to withdraw three hundred million dollars in aid to Pakistan Accusing it of not taking decisive action to crack down on militants and the failure to. Support America South. Asia strategy that cut an aid needs congressional approval Pakistan says it's lost thousands of. Lives fighting home-grown militants however the US accuses it of collaborating with groups including the Taliban which. Crossed the border to attack Afghantistan Larry Miller CBS news if. You're hungry at. The game football fans have a lot of choices. This NFL season there are perogie gays in Pittsburgh crab role in San Francisco and a five pound burrito for, fans in Washington in Kansas. City you could try a chicken tenders sandwich with mayo made with the hottest pepper known demand the Carolina reaper but the fair in Phoenix may.

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