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To be fair police believe was on the board in a beautiful so i can understand the mix up there was some confusion but now together those of you that might have her and out this before thought we might have had ronnie towel bit from big brother eleven on the show fortunately due to some scheduling misconstrue men serve ronnie will not be able to make it tonight but we have someone who is probably been called a rat a much fewer amount of times in her life liana boris liana thanks so much for coming on tonight i'm really happy to be here at filling in for army i really think i be part of the brain's click so i think that this is very fitting for me i though i will not be dressing up like princess leia so sorry about that and you will you miss comecon by a couple of weeks so i think that would be a little behind the transit pour ramsey's was poor ups more for ramzi's consideration of another to ask him if he felt bad about not making comecon 'cause i feel like that'd be they'll be twisting the knife a little too much but oh man as melissa said this is probably the best episode of the ball in the beautiful i've ever seen and i've seen so many interesting episode of brother acting was way better than any episode beautiful that i've ever seen i mean i mean that the two leads was something that you know the the drama between that and then there is so much fighting going on and storm coming in i feel like there are so many plots converging at once it really kept me you know in indepth i i'm hoping that you know i can stay home sick from work tomorrow so i be able to catch whatever might be happening in the afternoon we run i was hoping for a jessica's twin to come back out of the coma because she shot her y you know just typical soap opera nonsense the more you owe the more you think about it there are a lot of soap opera s twists that i feel like big brother houston it's earlier seasons like let's remember season four was the x factor when it was here you're spurned lovers come back to haunt you once again big brother five had light.

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