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You guys are everywhere and she said oh we said yesterday everything back and i took that to heart to maybe things i shouldn't have also and and i had to have that realization after you now a stint That was like every day is not a party which i thought was hilarious and the songs are poured out and one thing in my head. I wanted to write this. Sorta punk rock doo-wop thing that jesse can sing with me. All of those darlan's unfortunately passed away before she could but we got the amazing eljay from belmont in the sleaze. If you don't know the best rock and roll band nashville used to check it out. And so sure. Lg is doing that wild loose cannon on there. The first time. I sang that song and new orleans i said. And here's my next song. Everyday is not a part in everybody and then i finished it and i got a lot of knowing nods from everybody in the city that never sleeps. I don't my god. It's very bold thing to say stick. Yeah a bumper sticker. Put it on your fridge. I used to sell his cards. You know you could put it on your fridge. remind yourself on tuesday. Martin user probably join a gym. Which i keep meaning to. Do you know you can always wait and do it when everyone else does it right. After new years. I many times on paid for these things and never shown up. That's the that's the goal. That's their business. Model the other land for living in the deep south is. There's about nine months of the year. You're just wedding. And you're just sitting there and i feel like that's you know exerting enough you know exercise. No i've been done. That's i've been down here this summer and it has been exactly that and may is the south of something else Tim i really appreciate you taking some time with me. I'm a big fan. I'm hoping that we can put this in the few few more people's ears and keep writing. Keep doing what you're doing and thank you and hopefully if you get this next album out we'll have you back. I'll send you a copy. I thank you so much for having spent a lot of fun. Thank you so much to tim for coming on the show especially on such short notice was truly incredible to watch this come together and i'm very grateful that he was able to do it. Go check out the entire album. I am so in love with this guy's voice and as always guys for the stories behind the songs go to song fax dot com and have yourself in lovely lovely day. You've got the latest jam. Queued up the sound system cranked. But you're missing that extra element. Take it all the way to eleven. Listening to music is only half the journey our senses mingled to create unforgettable on the atwood magazine. Podcast tunes and tumblers. We dive headfirst into that concept by pairing new and classic albums with original craft cocktail recipes. We might listeners. To bring out their inter mixologist. As we explore the music we love from a unique immersive and thoroughly delicious perspective. My name is anthony. I host tunes and tumblers alongside my invaluable crew pager. Your mixologist and ryan your music connoisseur. Over the past three years we've spoken to artists across the spectrum in toasted their music with cocktails. You won't find any bar menu. Rappers open mike eagle and how the nomad indie pop superstars the aces and tessa violet. Talented multi instrumentalists known bay and tau win of town. The get down stay down. Have all taken the hot seat. I roster gets bigger and better with each episode and like every good conversation it gets deeper with every round. Join us on this intoxicating journey through the records. We love raising a glass to each wherever you get your podcasts. And don't forget to drink. Responsibly cheers cheers..

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