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Three I'm million lose some Democrats call it reckless but the administration defends the killing of a top Iranian general is that intra made the decision thurs decision which was necessary there was an imminent attack the orchestrated the primary motivator for the tech was custom so the money like im pei on fox and friends were short while later democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard called the killing an act of war without congressional authorization which actually further undermines our national security and needlessly stands at more of our troops into harm's way the state department is warning all US citizens to leave of rock and we're learning that senator Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign raised twenty one point two million in the fourth quarter less than it pulled in the previous one also trailing rivals like Bernie Sanders but a judge and Joe Biden as far as fundraising America is listening to fox news connected continues with one oh six one F. M. talk coal ash cleanup continues for Duke energy they and state regulators reached an agreement on a settlement plan ducal remove eighty million tons of coal ash from a half dozen sites in the largest cleanup effort of its kind in the country former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will visit North Carolina today eloping field offices for his presidential campaign in Raleigh and Fayetteville all passengers are safe after a diverted plane landed at Asheville regional airport yesterday Allegiant officials say the pilot decided to make the emergency landing when an oil pressure indicator light came on a flight was headed to Sarasota Florida college basketball in C. St hits the road tomorrow they'll take on Clemson Wake Forest travel to Pittsburgh Duke is also on the road they head south to Miami you and see is home they'll welcome George attack with continuing news updates from around the state I'm Kyle.

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