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Coronavirus crisis in California is skyrocketing to over twenty one hundred cases with at least forty deaths and experts say there's no sign of it slowing down this is now spread to forty two of the state's fifty eight counties with the most in Los Angeles followed by Santa Clara the state home order remains for all forty million residents with no time frame on when it will end new restrictions are in place around the state due to the corona virus Los Angeles has closed all golf courses well all beach parking lots are now closed in Venice Santa Monica San Diego and along the Malibu coastline Marin county also shot all of its parks for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and tap the podcast tab for the latest news and information I became a goddess from here because a traffic center wet weather expected overnight no new construction going on our Sacramento area freeways we do have some ongoing projects plastic county shoulder work westbound eighty fold under crossing the Hanford over crossing southbound five Elkhorn rest area closed garden highway remains closed Northgate Boulevard to I. five north and southbound five work on the shoulder on the offramp at the garden highway heading up to the Sierra tonight make sure you're taking your chains with you we do have a couple of past closures for the winter eighty nine or monitor pass and for over events pass spot problem let us know about on the KFBK traffic tip line dial pound two fifty say traffic traffic every ten minutes mornings and afternoons news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. for what twenty of clouds early on this Tuesday morning there'll be a shower in a couple of spots lows between forty two and forty six later today.

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