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Com. Hotlines buddy of ours. Rich Walberg used to work in these fine hallways and confines iheart radio. But his nuts move down to Cincinnati chamber, rich. How are you? Well, good to hear from your stern, you tutor. And that's our strengths strings guitar. Yes. During its fine stirring, the neighbor's kid calls me Stuey, so it's fine. And. Out your name now. That's exactly right. The dog. And I'm like, thanks, man. Thanks, buddy. Yeah. So anyway, I this, I guess this is the official kick off to summer usually, I think, okay opening day, but sometimes we'll get snow and cold or whatever else, but taste of Cincinnati, it either rains or the Blast Furnace is on, and I think we're gonna get maybe mostly just Blast Furnace at summer all of a sudden. Choose between furnace or rain, I'll take furnace, but, you know, I it is like you said, it's the unofficial kickoff to summer. So we're gonna have some summer when it makes perfectly good sense, now for someone who doesn't know what taste of Cincinnati isn't. It's kind of been the name. I mean, just about anything and everything that you could find eat in and around the Tri state, there will be a booth or something set up where somebody's cooking it up. And doing well in the u I've elder people from all kinds of other places too. Right. Yeah. For someone who has never been. It's three days. It's Saturday Sunday. Monday eleven till eleven on Saturday and Sunday. Eleven till nine on Monday. We have seventy different vendors. Thirty four of those are restaurants from around the region. Nineteen which is the most, we've ever had our food trucks from also from around the region, and then seventeen vendors from Finley market and Finley kitchen, make up our taste of Finley market area, and between them. They'll have about three hundred different menu items. We have lots and lots of beers. We have about one hundred eleven different varieties of beer. Yes. Half of those brewed right here in Cincinnati region. And then entertainment all weekend long. We have forty five different acts playing on. That's amazing. So I mean, how, how do you even keep track of all that? I mean, you gotta figure out who's wear and went and I know over the years, this is sort of migrated in areas of the trusted in space and everything else. So where exactly is it set up for this taste of Cincinnati on fifth street has been for quite a while? And then for the last three years, it's been pushed to the east a little bit. So it starts at main street on fifth and works at sway towards mount Adams and goes onto the ramp of ice, seventy one and onto the ramp Columbia Parkway and have mount Adams as the backdrop and especially at night. That's really it's beautiful. It is. It's spectacular is pretty cool. And it's the only time you can actually play on those ramps without becoming headline, which I it's the little things in life that I look forward to rich Walberg from Cincinnati chamber. Talk about taste. Cincinnati. I mean you know, it's just one of those little things, it's like, hey, I'm walking around on the on the on the on ramp. This is good. I feel very every year. Out here, but it's always a good time. It. Absolutely. So, so how, how do you even decide what my problem is this because I can't control myself Foley? I'll go oh there's some of that. I've been wanting to try this, I've been wanting to try that in the next thing stopped, and then I gotta hide and find some shade by a tree or a building. So I cannot explode in re, re, re, re group and reevaluate, and then attack it again. There are a couple of ways you can do it. One of you can go to taste of Cincinnati dot com and look at all the different menu items. And maybe pick out a few things you wanna try where you can get the event guide when you arrive and do the same type of thing. Some people start showing up on the morning of we open at eleven they, they show up about ten ten thirty and start walking around. You could do it that way where.

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