A new story from Holding Court with Geno Auriemma


Visit but he is he's the world's biggest kid he enjoys what we're doing and he's gotten much better right at the at the extra should those part for the times of thought their chisinau's off that uh on that show and mc'ing he'll charles for hugh two huge guys with two huge personalities and people are always asking me if they are i think those guys are they it going to have a fight one of these neither are they really going now i said this is the way they are they're both wild they both want the floor and and they're gonna go back and forth like that but i've never sitting here in fear that uh of one of you know uh uh an overhand right from shack is gonna accidentally catch me you know when is intended for chuck now i mean we have to go to the time together uh but like everybody who who's in closequarters together there are times where it's it's good to have thursday night and so we don't know we know we're not going to see each other for another week so we to get away i was gonna ask you after having been in the middle of these two guys in the kenny obviously and and all these years of unpredictability how do you switch gears then at the end of the nba season um and going to baseball what what's the transition like mentally for you and and because you've gone back to your roots amine uganda you know your dad obviously you know you're following legendary sportscaster for you know the the atlanta braves and and now you step into baseball your your first love and adds kinda one of the things out i love to i'm mean i was my first love still is in.

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