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We start the morning where it's 62 degrees in Gainesville that North Korea's news talk wdun and 14 minutes after seven o'clock brings us to something. Positive for you this morning. A stroke of positivity. I love seeing folks who are innovative. And are able to take their innovation and their creativity and share it with other people so that they can help other folks achieve what they have, such as a case if you were able Tohno with newsroom yesterday with Mitch Clark, he checked in with former U G, a standout and NFL player. Ready. Current former NFL player any current who is busy in the Atlanta area, doing a lot of great things, but not just there. He's reaching out with his foundation to help athletes from high school. The retired pros reach their potential, both on And off the field. And when I found refreshing was he was saying, you know, you arm or In just your sport, which I think is fantastic. But he's put together a foundation is called game changers and kind of curious as to what led him to come up with this idea. Yeah, well, it was really a combination of my passing chances. You know, you mentioned it's my career as an athlete, and then you know, just the things I was able to accomplish. A lot of that was the result. So many people report into my life and coaches, teachers, trainers, and even when I transition, which a lot of people out there know when it comes to the athlete. Transition is extremely tough, but I was able to have a lot of mentors that poured into me as well like business leaders. And folks like John Gordon, who's a best selling author and speaker, who is one of my mentors now that it allowed me to make a smooth transition into entrepreneurship. And Kino speaking Offering coaching and everything. And so I thought about all those things, man I realized like I have so many people, t really that I hold a lot, too, You know, And so Really want to create this foundation to recreate my experiences with when it comes to high school athletes becomes the former athletes be noble toe really create opportunities for them in exposure and empowerment. I had the unfortunate experience of getting cut after my second year in the NFL and allow me the time to really start to build my brand to work on my identity. The village doctor create a plan for what I wanted to go and so do that process. And through that experience, I learned the importance of be prepared, You know, being proactive instead of reactive. When it comes to transitioning, and when it comes to, you know your career, and that's not this grassy just for anybody. That's right. We should all take the time to really work on our platforms, work on our identity outside of just our jobs and our titles. And one of our aspirations are and so I'm so passionate about helping especially athletes, the younger ones because I believe you have to start really have to start, at least in that middle school high school phase starts really teaching about life skills and nothing to understand. What they're doing on the field translates into the real world there into what I say there. There were like this because I don't care how great your careers is. Everybody's platform, Everybody. Tradition has been expiration date on it. So exactly what does Game changers do everything and what the game is going back to my past experiences. That was going to the recruiting process and trying to get the University of Georgia before anybody knew who any current Woz. I restocked the guy when I was just trying to figure out my path by name, and Jessie Tuggle. And just whatever was, you know, Atlanta Falcons writing you just so happen to be the same side with me. And just by the fact that I knew he existed just by the fact that I could go to his house and watch this film and see his jersey hanging up like I at that point just believe that my dream could become a reality. And he was just one of many. I mean, I had him guys like him have Thomas Davis when I got the University of Georgia had Hines Ward. I mean so many guys that disappointing to me and made me believe in not just We can still on the field performing but off the field, how to conduct myself. You know, it's a man in that position and handling the weight of success in the pressure because there's so many things that come with being nothing that people don't realize. Especially when you're at the University of Georgia, or you're trying to go to the DFL. You basically become a CEO overnight. There's a lot more to it, and I really like the idea that he from the standpoint of there a lot of people that gave to him when he was in need as far as mentorship and helping him along the way, But it seems that with what he's doing now, it's a question of okay. When you get to a certain point you're able to give back By giving back to those people that mentored you. You give back by also mentoring other people by doing what they did for you for other folks to continue to help build people up, and I think that is fantastic. But I also think it's fantastic is his relationship with his mom. Because current signed a contract with his mother that he would finish his degree, even though he'd been drafted into the NFL. And of course, the big question is. Did you get the diploma? I got it in, you know, but on my watch this one outside of negative to the NFL is one of my product accomplishments. And I earned it that that 30,000 business degree, and it's definitely paid dividends. And it was not easy by any means. Tear ecology. Not easy. No, I feel like you just got a great God, man that I passed the accounting and finance and all that stuff. I just Make me hurt. You think about it kind of makes me her thinking about it, too. But you don't have to be a former or current athlete to be part of game changers. There's ways for everybody to fit into this and easiest way to find out. How you can help is by going to the game Changes Foundation as game changers plural..

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