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At the end of the day we're building no systems of for the world and I think human snake mistakes have fallacies biases they're not super transparent sometimes and why Inherit all these win. Maybe you can design a better system and I think computers already clearly. How many other advantages that. Humans don't have hi everyone. Welcome to behind the attack. I'm your host Kevin Scott Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft in this podcast. We're going to get behind the tech. We'll talk some of the people who made our modern world possible and understand what motivated them to create what they did. So join me to maybe learn a little bit about the history of computing and get a few behind the scenes insights into. What's happening today? Stick around? Uh Hello and welcome to behind the tech. I'm Christina Warren's senior advocate at Microsoft and Scott. Today our guests is Percy laying. Percy's an associate professor of Computer Science Stanford University and one of the great minds and ai specifically in machine learning and natural language processing. Yeah and Percy talks about the need for a I to be quote safely deployed and he says that given society's increasing reliance on machine learning it's critical to build tools that make machine learning more reliable in the wild. Yeah I completely agree with person's point of view and honestly with Like a bunch of his other very interesting ideas about how machine learning and natural language processing or unfolding over the next few years. Some super interested in having this conversation. Let's find out what he's up to. I.

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