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Hidalgo will be here with county update and suggestions on how to navigate the holiday weekend ahead of us, and then a little later in the show epidemiologist Dr Catherine Troisi from UT Health School of public health. We'll also be here to take your questions comments and calls the number seven, one, three, four, four, zero, eight, eight, seven, zero against seven, three, four, four, zero, eight, eight seventy, but you know I want to start today with what we're referring to around. Here is my mass grants and I just want to say. Every day we come on here and we ask you to wear a mask and so I started wondering about what if we're wrong? What if the virus is not? What science tells us it is? What if the masks don't do all the good that the studies show us they can do what if somehow or other we're wrong. You put a cloth or piece of paper over your face. So if we're wrong. What have you really lost? But what if you? The anti-fat face mask? Wearers are the ones who are wrong. What if masks wearing protects you? Your friends, families and community has science tells us it does what if the virus is as lethal am damaging as the medical studies prove it is. What if the Anti Mask squares are the ones who are wrong well? If the pro mask wears wrong, the most you did was inconvenience yourself. But, if you, the Anti Mass squares are the ones who are wrong, people will die. Is that really a gamble you're willing to take. I. Ask you that as today we. The death toll in the US has passed a hundred and twenty eight thousand people. So there, you go. We know search tool for stopping the spreads. We know social distancing works, hand washing works staying at home testing and another point contact tracers, so we're wondering today. Have you been called by a contact tracer? Has Anyone reached out to you whether you've tested positive or just? Ben In close proximity to someone who has tested positive. If you have, give us a call, we'd love to hear your story, and even if you haven't, we'd love to hear your story again. The number seven, one, three, four, four, zero, eight, eight, seven zero. Okay got all that off my chest. Let's welcome. Our first guest judge dog is back with us. Harris County Judge Hello Judge. Good afternoon good afternoon. Sorry, you caught me on a day with quite a rant about masks. I appreciate your your nose there. Thank you. I've got to ask you first and foremost you were self quarantine. Where are we at with that? How are you doing? You know still self quarantine, so the the the exposure happened. Last Monday. It'll be two weeks this coming, Monday some and self quarantine till then per CDC guidelines Fortunately the test has come back negative hope is that it is not a false negative i. feel great and I find myself in a situation that many other people are are in this well throughout our communities, more more and more positive, and most importantly more and more people fill our hospitals. I had a question today from someone about who should be getting tested right now, and it's not I, think a simple question as it sounds like because we're also hearing stories of still complications in getting tests, and then getting results so taking all of that together who are the people that should be going out getting tested at this point, and what's going on with testing in general at least from the county's point of view. At this point, we still have the capacity to test. WHOEVER NEEDS A test? We're not at a point where we're having to say only. If you have symptoms sample now, that may change if the request continue to go up, but for now we urge people to get tested they if they have a reason to be, they may have cove it and.

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