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From radio vermont it's the dave graham show on w._d. It's your show about the people places and the issues that matter the most of you now. Here's your host dave graham good morning vermont. It is monday august the nineteenth two thousand and nineteen and <hes>. We have have a good show lined up for you this morning regular monday morning guests colin mine is back with us today. He's the managing editor of b._t. Dig dot oregon. We're gonna talk about a number of issues that have gone on in vermont right now that are being reported on by that terrific online news site later in the program. <hes> another returning champion will be with us. Dan richardson is highly regarded regarded attorney in montpellier former president of the vermont bar association and he will be talking with us about some strange doings by involving aside the judge up in the northeast kingdom as well as just overall questions about whether vermont's an eighteenth century tradition of having side judges be very powerful participants in our court system really makes sense in this twenty first century and there's been a lot of debate about the senate judiciary over the years <hes> inside judges continue hanging hanging in there even though many of them are most of them don't have don't have law degrees so interesting situation there anyway <hes> let's get ready ready new with <hes> with colin mine and <hes> collin. Thanks for joining us this morning. Always a pleasure and <hes> wanted to check in with you about a couple of things going on one. Is this actually i i we had a little discussion about it on the day. Graham show <hes> sometime in the last couple weeks but <hes> williamstown was debating debating whether to allow a._t._v.'s brought access to <hes> town roads and i see that that is spreading around other parts of vermont <hes> justin trombley v._d._i. Dot org headed through ryota cra- aspiration talking about this a similar issue. Yeah it's playing out all across the northeast kingdom. You know the question of how much access to give a._t._v.'s the public roads you know do you <hes> allow them to ride on all roads <hes> along with paths the roads often connect those a._t._v. has or do you sort of give them very limited access s. based on what they need <hes> the debates happening in montgomery and holland and hardwick and sutton <hes> and as you said just in focused on crafts berry where they just had a vote vote on tuesday last week that really divided the town <hes> the story that he wrote starts with the select board chair saying that no issue in his thirty years or something. I'm sort sort of involvement in local politics has divided the town as much as <hes> this question of how much road access to give all terrain vehicles <hes> and there was sort of a the new rule that was written <hes> that actually made <hes> increased access somewhat but atv riders wanted more access so they reopened the debate <hes> sorta in a way shot themselves in the foot because <hes> ended up going the other direction and they rolled back by vote of one hundred and nine to eighty six the rules that had had been passed a couple of years ago <hes> so there's now very limited access for atv riders <hes> in crafts berry <hes> but the story really gets into a bigger sort of cultural question question of whether a._t._v.'s.

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