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They had outed him as a as a stay away from this guy kind of thing you know, I think even reused his picture. Saying that beware of this man, he's a he's A. He's an undercover cop. And he got very angry and he arrested the editor of the mattachine. Newsletter for defamation. He brought him to court on charges of criminal defamation, not just a civil suit criminal defamation. Of course it was garbage and was thrown out of court, and it all went away, but it costs some attention. It served to bring people together so on February twenty fifth I think it was in downtown Chicago. We marched out in front of the women's Bar Association because they were bringing him in there to talk about youthful offenders by the way that was his specialty was a major pig, and I'm looking at photos of of of John, Manley historical archives, and he looks like he could be eighteen years old. You describe them as a blond, muscular and notorious and yes. And a lot of people thought he was in the closet and that he was just targeting his own people well. I don't know if they really thought of him as closet case but the Mattachine Midwest newsletter suggested that, and that's what really pissed him off. baited him with that. They were saying I. Think this guy is me, thinks the lady doth protest too much essentially, and that's what really baited him. And he took the the man who had printed. This article was named David Steen Eker. He was the editor of the Mattachine Midwest. Newsletter and Manley arrested him had charged on criminal. Defamation but the charges were dismissed. and Manley of the charge was thrown out of court. Manley missed the court hearings. which is part of the reason. The judge said the help of it. But St Nick lost his job because he came out, he was featured in news publicity result of it. And at the time of course. He was fired for being gay. He wasn't fired for any political activity. He was fired for being gay and this being nineteen seventy, there was at the time no legal protection against people fired for being fired for being gay now, what were some of the tactics that Manley used to entrap gay people? Was He meeting them in bathrooms, was he? What was he trying to pick them up in bars? What was he doing? None bathrooms Lincoln Park over by Wrightwood where the there's. A lagoon there and there's a little cafe arrest restroom and there's a little hill up there. And he would just hang out there. Posing provocatively, he was hot. There's no question about wearing tight Chino's and. Hot Dangerous, right yeah and. And you know he was blonde and and. Sort of tough looking. We were told that he actually infiltrated one of our meetings at Chicago Liberation at the. Church. After the fact, we were told that he had been there. infiltrating and take notes on us so we knew. In the way that the community was talking about these police officers that were entrapping people I remember in my generation in the nineties, when there were bust or stings in places where gay men We're having sex like backrooms in bars or Bathrooms and parks late at night there was always this kind of undercurrent that like blaming the victim like you shouldn't have been there in the first place, so you deserve to be arrested. And it also was this idea of like. You know not acknowledging that John Mullane Manley, I'm sorry, John Mullane. The comedian John Manley the officer? was wasn't attractive person. That's why he was able to seduce. Entrap people well, and that's why mattachine..

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