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And honestly, a lot of those other teams are really good. I mean North America tends to focus on Sentinels because they're extremely marked marketable. They're extremely successful. They tend to focus on a hundred thieves because I'm mean it's it's the hoodie org, like they they have a lot of fans off birchman. Yeah their fans type them up and hey, like if you have fancy defense, there's nothing absolutely nothing wrong with that but there are other teams like Immortals like gingi like a ghost like BBG like inbox that have were really good. They were always really good and they've always challenged those top teams, but from looking at social mean you wouldn't really know about that. Like how much do you actually know about like envious Valentin? They've been his that historically over the entire track of Valor and Esports, even though a hundred thieves one for strike. Envy has been more overall successful than a hundred thieves. I don't even think that's like disputable. They have better placements overall wage. Stronger for longer they only got better when they added food and crashes and they're looking really strong moving forward. But again, they don't have the same kind of like reach. So what I think we're seeing here park is like yeah, these big teams are good. And yeah, these teams have had like a lot of success but there is kind of like an inherent social bias based on like what we see because part of like part of analyzing their team is good, especially like right now and Valor where you don't have like a lot of replays where you don't have like access to comms there's no real way for us as like observers to analyze something fully you do kind of rely on like What the mob thinks that if the mob thinks the team is good. They're probably pretty good. And if the mob thinks team is bad then hey, I mean, maybe there's something to it. I don't think that's true. I think it's understandable, but I don't think it's a really good way to analyze anything long-term. So I and I don't really think this is like a regression to the mean for any of those teams at all. I don't even necessarily think that a hundred thieves the Sentinels are like outside of the top five. I think that Gap has all between them has always been significantly closer than a lot of people would think it had been with teams like NBA teams, like gingie, they're not bad. They never have been they just weren't the best and now that they have finally finally cracking that, you know, tear 1.5 ceiling. Everyone's just like, oh wow, like they're pretty good too. You know how good they are in the National on the national on the international stage is kind of yet to be seen. We'll see how good they are dead, but I don't necessarily think that It's I don't think it's necessarily a huge problem. And I don't even think it's all that surprising. I think the signals and stays were by Far and Away the two teams. I think sentence using out is girls but not necessarily face. I think they I think they could I think it's pretty pretty predictable that eventually that they would have like they they may help know their feast or famine said I'm safe. He's sometimes a famine it is what it is. No, it isn't and you did on the money with that but it's it's it's so insane. I mean just like how volatile the scene is so far and I mean and it's only a year old it'll it'll probably even out over the course of you know, three four or five years, but for me on an international scale, I mean, it seems like there's a pretty big disparity between like n a and Andy you I mean currently I'm just looking at the liquipedia ratings and every single in a team is rated over 2000 you all below like mm Korea's the only kind of matching game. N a a bit with with the original Strikers out of out of out of Korea, but it just who's is any of the best talented a region so far on the international scene? It's hard to say without International competition. I do think that the meme that like or not the me the reality that it a historically has very much underperformed in E sports package by sheer virtue of the Erb by the measurement of the amount of resources dumped into it dumped into it as opposed as a region as opposed to other regions. I think that is like true. I think we'll also see that correct itself as time moves on early on in the sport. You don't necessarily want to pick up the best team. If you've got the most marketable team. Yep. And then over time you add pieces to make yourself the best team it picking up the best team in a brand new sport right off the bat. Like that's just it's not feasible one because you don't know if they're the best team. I mean what if something happens what if like something was outrageously broken or they were you know, abusing an exploit that there's too many factors. I think that eventually a lot of that will regress to the mean. I don't necessarily think you'll see a lot of the big organizations remain in an a I think eventually the media coverage will spread out if that makes sense for sure, but I don't think that means in a as bad. I think that said novels are with tens when tens is on they are probably the best team in the world while Sentinels being good doesn't mean that in a is good the same way Vision Strikers being, you know utterly excellent as I mean, the rest of Korea is that all right home. I think we'll have to see it's it's very difficult to I know that I know the point is to like to say like definitively but I just don't think we will have any definitive answer until like until Iceland. That's a fair point. I mean, what's the what's the end-all like Valerie? Season Championship. Just the balance Champions is always called so far. I'm sure to remember what it was even it is called Champion. Okay, cuz that's like the real that's like the world. That's the international per balance so far. So that's kind of what I'm what I'm gearing towards in the future. Just trying to see if I can map out who's who's in income, you know Championship time that they will I can make my bets pretty much but I'm not trying to say that out loud don't need to hear that from me. I'm not trying to get involved with the FBI so far, but I you know, I just got to bring this up and over we're not running short on time. Just want to make sure we get everything that I want to talk to you about out-of-the-way primarily want to talk to you about what you like to talk about which is Rainbow Six Siege because you know, that's that's where your heart that's your heart is that's where your roots to your eggs and everything. That's where you want to be at most of the time so North American League getting set for their stage one who are dead. Power houses to watch out for on that scene. I mean we got space station gaming. They wanted all ask your hand. They do it again. Like they're currently middling the standings who are your favorites you you off man, you go off. Okay. Okay. So the grand unified theory of Rainbow Six is that a team is only as good in my opinion. This is completely dead Hunter take but I think this is backed up by a lot of conversations. I think it's backed up by a lot of data is backed up by a lot of fact stats and Rainbow Six are incredibly misleading because of the funding way like the game is played in that like your injuries typically.

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