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Against the Philadelphia Eagles right here on Westwood One. Pittsburgh beat Atlanta today. This felt like an elimination game in week five because the one in three the Steelers won two and want something had to give here. And the Steelers have a great history against the falcons coming into this game thirteen to one all time. Their best record against any franchise proved to be true today to James Cotter, huge first quarter ninety nine yards from scrimmage. He had one hundred ten for the game on the grammar two scores. Ben Rothlisberger threw for three Pittsburgh won going away from Atlanta today, forty one to seventeen Antonio Brown. Six catches one hundred one yards two scores. Now the second most receiving touchdowns in Steelers history. And he says he's not listening to critics. We always positive. We never listening to what the media say. We know we gotta stay together. Regardless of what's being sick. All of my touchdowns all catches from him. And that's my dad living with them. Ben Rothlisberger Antonio Brown, quite the combination over the years and the Steelers get back even now at five hundred. That's good news for them because they got a big date with Cincinnati coming up next week. Matt Ryan two hundred eighty five yards and a touchdown day. Julio Jones just five catches for sixty two yards. Kept out of the end zone. Again in Atlanta is one and four now through five weeks of the season. The Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers got together today. Matthew Stafford who generally plays well against the Packers? Did it again today only one hundred eighty three yards but two touchdowns? Gary blood had a pair of touchdowns as well. As Detroit built up lead. The lead grew to twenty four to nothing at halftime largest halftime deficit of Aaron Rodgers career and Green Bay's biggest in twelve years part of the reason they were down by twenty four points. Was that kicker was struggling all day long? Those struggles continued into the fourth quarter as well. This will be fifty six yard field goal for Mason. Crosby. Snap. Here's check to the uprights. No good. A missed it to the right perhaps the greatest field goal kicker in Green Bay history on his worst day. He's missed four field goal attempts and an extra point. That's.

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