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Today. Codenames deception gadgets. It might seem like something out of the movies. But these are just some of the essential components of being a spy most spies. Don't stand out like characters JAMES BOND and eat and hunt. They are ordinary forgettable people, which makes them all the more dangerous. So what does it really take to be a spy every week espionage a new park. Cast original explores this high stakes world in analyzes the missions behind the world's most incredible spies, and how these covert operations succeeded or failed. Find out the real world's by tactics required to impersonate, exploit an infiltrate the most confidential places in the world, you'll be shocked by the episode on Larry chin one of the CIA's top Chinese linguists. Who was also China's top spy for over thirty years and you'll be in spy. Fired by Virginia hall who despite losing part of her leg, organize sabotage missions against German army and helped allied soldiers escape during World War Two search for in subscribe to espionage wherever you listen to podcasts again, search espionage or visit park has dot com slash espionage till listen now. Now back to this crime of passion. The happy McCoy viewed was ignited in eighteen sixty five with the death of thirty seven year old harm in McCoy. He was likely killed by a thirty three year old man named Jim Vance a confederate sympathizer who was angry about Harmon service with the union army. Vance may have had help from his nephew twenty six year old devil Anse Hatfield Harman's older brother Randolph McCoy did not initially seek retaliation. He may have had too many other worries to pursue vengeance tending to his wife and sixteen children. But it was the first slight and what would become an avalanche of grudges Randolph McCoy descended from some of the original pioneers of tug fork valley, but Randolph's father had to sell off their family farm in order to pay various fines and debts therefore Randolph inherited no land from his father. He and his wife, Sarah. Lived in a tiny cabin in the blackberry district of Kentucky about two miles south of the tug fork river, they had very little land and had almost nothing to pass down to their children research conducted by scientists Paul Tiffen Mark s Pierce and Louise Parker show that men who have gone through a downward social trajectory experienced significantly, greater mental health issues than men who social status remains the same over time. The loss of status often gives rise to feelings of shame and distrust, according to Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett for Randolph McCoy the daily struggles of poverty, only added to the usual stresses of trying to raise a large family in the harsh wilderness of the mountains. In the late eighteen hundreds Appalachia, many families survival depended on the success of their small-scale farming and hurting opperations Randolph. Mccoy's family was no different. Raising. Hogs was critical to their livelihood. A single four hundred pound animal might make the difference between getting through the winter and starving to death. Therefore farmers took their hogs very seriously a Kentucky circuit court judge noted that he'd convicted more men for stealing hogs than for murder. In September of eighteen seventy eight fifty two year old Randolph was pending his hog. So that he could castrate the piglets in the middle of his work. A Sal broke through the fence and ran off with six of her piglets Randolph. Let her go the hongs or territorial animals and didn't often stray far from home. But when they hadn't returned by that winter Randolph mounted a search. He was confident he would be able to recognize the sow if he found her farmers Mark their hogs by cutting notches into the animal's ears. Each armor had his own distinct Marc Randolph track the hog to the farm of his nephew, Tom Stafford Stafford didn't know who the hogs belong to. But he had been keeping them penned up with his own pigs until the owner came forward since it was nearly night. Randolph didn't want to go through the trouble of dragging the hogs back home in the dark. He knocked on Tom's door. Four and let his nephew. No that he'd come to retrieve them the next morning. But not long after Randolph left. Another man Floyd Hatfield showed up at Tom's door. Twenty nine year old Floyd was a cousin of devil Anse Hatfield. He also happened to be Tom Stafford's brother-in-law. He claimed that a few of his hogs had crossed over the frozen tug fork river and had gotten stranded on Tom's property. Tom worn Floyd that Randolph McCoy claimed ownership over those same hogs Floyd didn't listen, he rounded up the livestock and herded them across the river to his farm. When Randolph heard about this the following day. He was furious. He immediately went to confront Floyd the men checked the hogs ears, but the brands were so scuffed up and scarred over nobody could tell who's marks. They were Floyd Hatfield kept possession of the hongs, but Randolph McCoy promised that the matter was an over Randolph took his claim to another Hatfield cousin confusingly also named Anse Hatfield this cousin went by the name preacher ants in contrast to Deva, Lance, although he was a Hatfield by name and blood year old preacher. Aunts lived in the same district as Randolph McCoy on the Kentucky side of the tug. Fork river rather than the West Virginia side, more most of the other hatfields, resided preacher. Anse led the congregation of the old pond creek Baptist church where both hatfields and McCoy. As went to worship, he was seen as a neutral party among the families and as a Justice of the peace. He was also accepted by both families as a qualified arbiter over the hog conflict. Preacher aunts organized. A hearing his log cabin farmers from all over tug. Fork valley came to see the disagreement playout preacher Anse called for everyone to cast their weapons aside. The men grudgingly laid their rifles and pistols against the wall and the trial began testimony went as everyone expected with the McCoy witnesses swearing that the hog belonged to Randolph McCoy, and the Hatfield witnesses insisting that it was Floyd's one witness deviated from family lines Bill Stayton Stayton was a cousin of Randolph McCoy. But his sister was married to Ellison Hatfield. Ellison Hatfield wasn't just statements brother-in-law. They were best friends state and testified that he had personally watched Floyd brand the hog in question. The mccoys were furious Randolph. Mccoy's nephew Paris called. Stayton a damned liar. But Stayton stuck to his testimony. Once the witnesses were through it was time for the jury to come to a decision preacher. Ants was determined to be impartial. He had selected a jury of six men with Hatfield affiliations and six men from the McCoy clan. Perhaps he felt that if the trial ended in a hung jury, the men might both feel vindicated and let the matter drop with no hard feelings, but predicting jury loyalties crew to be an impossible task one of the jurors Selkirk McCoy was yet another cousin of Randolph McCoy, but he had served in the confederate army with devil Anse Hatfield and he worked on devil answers timber crew with Selkirk joining in with the hatfields the jury turned in a verdict of seven to five against Randolph McCoy. The McCoy's were astonished and infuriated Randolph cursed the verdict, but his wife Sarah convinced her husband to accept the outcome. Although he growled about the injustice Randolph allowed Floyd to take home the prize tog the feud could have stopped there in its tracks. But Randolph McCoy had nine sons and countless nephews who did not have Randolph's passive temperament to them. The verdict wasn't just about a stolen pig. It was a matter of family, honour and betrayal. Harvard Medical School psychiatrist James Gilligan spent several years as the medical director for the Massachusetts prison system. He wrote that the inmates violent acts were nearly always triggered by a recent humiliation. The men used violence as a way to recover their pride after a loss of face. The aftermath of the hog trial showed that the mccoys were determined to punish the Hatfield for injury to their egos from then on flare ups of violence between the families became a regular occurrence, the mccoys directed most of their IRA at Bill Stayton who had sided with his Hatfield inlaws over his cousin Randolph McCoy after the trial state and try to steer clear of his angry relations by staying on the West Virginia side of the tug fork river, but run ins were unavoidable one autumn afternoon. Bill Stayton was hunting deer in the woods with Ellison Hatfield. Ellison like his brother Deva, Lance was a confederate veteran locally hailed as a war hero. Unlike Deva, Lance Ellison had a reputation for being even tempered and fair-minded. He was a deacon in preacher answers Baptist church. And he was known as the peacekeeper. Ever of the Hatfield family. The men came upon to McCoy brothers, Paris and squirrel hunting Sam the McCoy's bristled when they saw Bill Stayton remembering his traitorous testimony at the hug trial squirrel hunting Sam aimed his rifle and shot the gun right out of Bill statements hands then he dropped his own gun and threw himself at his cousin. They scuffled on the ground until Ellison Hatfield, pull them apart and shoved squirrel hunting Sam away the men separated without any serious injury that day, but the next few months were punctuated with similar skirmishes on June eighteen eighteen eighty Paris in squirrel hunting Sam again, cross paths with Bill Stayton in the woods. This time. Stayton was alone. There are several different accounts of what followed on that day. According to McCoy historians. Bill Stayton saw Perez and Sam I and he ambushed them shooting Paris through the hip. Paris felt the bullet ripped through the flesh of his hip, and he snarled in surprise and pain. He turned to see Bill statement barreling towards him acting on pure instinct, Paris raised his own gun and fired back hitting Stayton in the chest. Paris's Pull's raised as he watched the blood spurt from the man's wound. But Stayton wasn't stopping he lumbered toward Paris and began to pummel him with his fists. Paris drew up his arms grabbing Bill by the shoulders as he stumbled backward. He clot at Bill drawing. Blood Bill, Baird his teeth rabid suddenly Bill lunched forward and tore at Paris's jugular vein with his teeth. Paris began to panic. He felt sticky blood pooling at his caller, he gripped. The other man's jaws and tried to pry him loose Paris church. Nd his desperate is towards his brother squirrel hunting. Sam who watched the fight from a few feet away. Harris couldn't speak. He couldn't manage to do anything. But grunt regardless. Sam got the message and raise his pistol. Sam wasn't nickname squirrel hunting Sam for nothing. He had an aim so sharp he could pick squirrels out of trees as they leapt from limb to limb now he was aiming at a larger target with one shot from SAM's gun. A bullet pierced Bill state and skull Peres felt bills body jerk against him, then go limp. Paris breathe a sigh of relief Bill Stayton had finally gotten. What was coming to him?

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