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Like show with jerry when fellow led me to live she hadn't win hey kate too many cucumber not monte chris go and you don't see martin chris goes on you and that's a great sandwich pops what used to make those yeah they're gonna now i just don't see him anymore it doesn't look like or some look i look up to pitcher you know dipped a whole fan which in the battering him fry yes well former mm do she didn't of did you did your own i may have but for the sake of the pretty pick sure they may not have okay i'm trying to find it actually right now gonna size i would definitely dead it in there but again didn't sold find out i think they were didn't you know but you know and that nice brown batter you just up in depth with the hand of the cheese in turn you just don't find him anymore and all i think they're two time comes semin i got a i got to they have my made at home and she'd to well we caller marley and that will make the not now the guy just the dude but boy and what with a hot brown is play that kind of stuff yes it what it takes and when they get it so really he very are chris been named other in skiles fan who it okay fried game i don't i feel like i wanted to answer that a different way but it would have been appropriate okay how i guess so i know you're going with that went frye game and and cormier waffles and future oh that's like chicken on waffles it's like chicken wow when the hole during the game him i knew flapping on the i'll go area go weekend i love game because one for well you get of of smart wants when he got a flopping around yeah welsh rather than all falls you know what do you get where you get inspired for all these different recipes right right frank.

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