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Oh more gritty or gutty i was curious what you guys think i i'm gonna go gutty serious question that we were debating before the show if you were done even would you go to the nba right now yeah that's that's the tough one right there he needs the draft to be this morning like if the draft of this morning he'd be all set but you wanna come back it's now it's a little bit similar to grayson allen grayson allen just hopped onto the scene when duke won a national title he wasn't ready to go pro then or didn't i think people are still kind of exploring you know who he was and how good he was his sophomore year grayson allen should have gone pro after sophomore year but defense owes twenty one like it he said redshirt sophomore so he's twenty one but i don't know if he's ready to go pro or not yes mclovin i've read a lot of stories in the intros democracies hey next year's draft is particularly thin so maybe this this one is really good again so maybe he waits here is jay wright villanova's head coach on dante even check who thought that we would be bringing this up today that jay wright would become inning on if dante even chen zo should go pro you know i'm a college coach up i sometimes amaze me i don't have a great field for what how they made the decisions on drafting probably make a horrible gm so i don't know we'll find out we'll definitely look into all right mock headlines fritzy had some yesterday prior to the end of the show.

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